Is the Xbox One X worth the $500 upgrade price?

E3 2017 marked the official reveal of Project Scorpio. However, from this point forward we’ll know it as the Xbox One X.  What a catchy title. The XBOX joins the PS4 Pro as a premium console while also topping the specs of the Sony console.


As a consumer, you might find yourself wondering what exactly that means, and is the “most powerful console ever” worth the $500 sticker price. The easy answer is that it’s called a “premium console” for a reason. Even Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox said that the company will sell more Xbox One S units than it will with the Xbox One X. Let’s run through what exactly the most expensive Xbox is capable of and hopefully help you decide if it’s right for you.

Xbox Spec sheet

The info on specs and ports is all well in good, but it probably looks like gibberish to some of you. What you want to know is why the Xbox One X is better, what does it do that’s different than an Xbox One S? Well, I’ll tell you.

The Xbox One X, is best explained as a 4K media device.

4K is here to stay and just like HD was when it became the standard, it’s sort of expensive at the moment. The Xbox One X supports native 4K, which means it isn’t doing any upscaling, it’s showing you content the way it is meant to be seen. It also supports HDR or high dynamic range, HDR is more about lighting, it gives you a vivid picture of darkness, to the point it might look like your tv is off in really dark scenes. The Xbox One S also supports HDR.

Phil Spencer

The optical drive supports 4K Blu-Ray. These 4K Blu-Ray players can be fairly pricey on their own, so if you had planned on getting one, a gaming device with one built in could be the more cost-effective option, assuming you’re a gamer of course.

4K is the future, but as I said, it still isn’t affordable in the mass market sense. Xbox and Phil Spencer seem to be fully aware of this and willing to make a device that caters to a small minority of gamers. In a video interview with Giantbomb’s Jeff Gertsman, Spencer likened the device to that of the Xbox Pro controller, a device for gamers who want to play on the best hardware available.

$500 dollars is a whole lot of money, especially when compared to Sony’s $400 PS4 Pro which also has 4K capability. I think people who are willing to spend on a 4K TV set will be willing to spend another $500 on a 4K media device. As the price of these TV’s goes down devices like the Xbox One X may have to follow suit, and in my opinion, if you’re going to spend $500, why not spend a few hundred more and build a PC? Your money and your time are the two most valuable things you have, keep that in mind when deciding on whether or not a “premium console” is right for you.


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  1. I am a 48 year old gamer, and have been gaming since Sega Genesis which I bought when I was 22… I am currently gaming on my Xbox 360E which I bought 4 years ago and also over 100+ highly rated games… before that I owned 3 PS2s, when the last one died I got the 360… I have yet to enter the new generation… But I am going to purchase the Xbox One X… All Multiplat games and first party games from Microsoft are going to look and play better on the X…. many games that are already out are going to get X enhancements…. when Elder Scrolls VI and Holo 6 come out, they are going to be awesome on the X… Ace Combat 7 and Witcher 3 are going to be awesome on the X…. I am really looking forward to the X


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