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Atari is back in the hardware business

Some of you might be aware that last week Atari began teasing a new product called the “Ataribox.” A video teaser was released on a website separate from Atari’s and had people doubting its authenticity.

This week over at E3 2017, GamesBeat scored an exclusive interview with Atari CEO Fred Chesnais. Chesnais confirmed that Atari is getting back into the console game after 24 years. Atari’s last console was the Jaguar back in 1993, it was discontinued in 1996.

Who’s to say if this is a full dive back into the console market or a quick nostalgia grab with something similar to the NES classic, is the console space even big enough for another contender? Back in 2013 Atari was forced to file for bankruptcy protection before being bought by Chesnais, who promised to restore the company to its former glory.


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