E3 2017: Best of Sony

Have you ever waited for something so badly and in the end you never got it? Yes, I think we both know what I’m talking about. Sony had a really interesting conference this year but it still wasn’t enough to be the best one of E3 2017 and I think it’s because we were all expecting so much from them, to be honest.


Sony showed us a ton of upcoming games besides the one we were all expecting the most. No! I wasn’t talking about the new God Of War or the new WWII Call Of Duty or even Spider-Man but the sequel of The Last of Us. Exactly, Sony didn’t even talk about it. Besides this disappointing part of the press conference though, Sony did manage to make our jaws touch the ground (Kids don’t do this at home, it’s not healthy) with some of the games they showed us and here are the top 5 most anticipated ones.


Days Gone 

To be honest the most exciting part of the gameplay we saw is that the game makes you take such strategic decisions that just makes it so good. It just makes you feel so good making the zombies to the dirty work for you just with making noise. Yes, it’s a zombie game. Do you need something else besides the word zombies and zombie bears? Exactly! Here is the trailer/gameplay that we saw in the conference and you will see what I mean.


Call of Duty WWII

The truth is that Call Of Duty had started becoming less and less interesting with all those futuristic wars games. Don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome to play a game with weaponry like that but let’s be honest here, it was too much. The good news though is that they listened to us and we finally have our most beloved World War II game. Don’t lie, if you are over 20 years old you have spent the same amount of time playing Call Of Duty 2 like I did. Good old great multiplayer gameplay right!

The best part is that Sony actually gave us a multiplayer trailer that can make your hair stand up.


God Of War

I don’t really think I need to say much for this one, the game just looks amazing, the story the gameplay, the fighting! It’s amazing how we get the old good God Of War Hack n’ Slash game in an entirely new reworked style. If not the best, it’s one of the best games we saw from Sony this year for sure. All I can say is enjoy the trailer.


Destiny 2

To be honest with you all, I never played the first Destiny game because I don’t have a PS4 and for all of you that are like me, I have some really exciting news for you, now we will be able to play Destiny 2 through Blizzard just managed to amaze us all after all.

Destiny 2 actually got some really good feedback so far. the devs as they said listened to the players and managed to improve so many things in the game while keeping mot of what we loved in the first one. The graphics look so good and the story even better..



Talking about PS4 exclusives, Sony just did it this time. Do you remember the Spider-Man 2 game? Yes, the one based on the second Spider-Man movie, the same one that everyone loved because of the web swing mechanics! The new Spider-Man game has the same mechanics just better. The combat seems amazingly good, the graphics and the New York view is breathtaking. The game just seems to be one of the best exclusives we will get for quite a while on the PS4. Take a look at the gameplay Sony showed us at the conference and you will see why the game made everyone so excited.



Besides the fact that everyone was expecting to see a Last of Us 2 trailer, I believe that Sony managed to make it up to us with God Of War and Spider-Man. The press conference had many great games but these were the top 5 we saw.

God that Spider-Man game will make me buy a PS4!


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