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From the developer of “Until Dawn” comes “Hidden Agenda”

The team behind the surprise 2015 horror hit is back once again with a brand new title. This time players will be taking control of a homicide detective and a district attorney who are involved with a serial killer case. The pair are hunting a serial killer known as “The Trapper”.

It’s great to see a new police game and this one certainly looks to follow the traditions set in Until Dawn. There are a large number of quick time events which change the plot and could even cause the death of certain characters. Just like in Until Dawn.

The developers have also taken a note from Telltale. They’re including a “PlayLink” feature where other users can vote for in-game actions using their smartphones. It’s a nice move and certainly support those who stream games but we’ll have to wait to see how good this feature actually is.


Hidden Agenda will be releasing later this year as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.








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