E3 2017: Best of Nintendo

Did Nintendo win E3 2017? In my opinion, yes. They had to come out swinging to promote their latest innovation, the Nintendo Switch. Their past E3’s have been pretty suspect leaving fans with a bad taste as they didn’t feel connected with their audience. Well, good news. They’re back and better than ever.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Starting out the gate hot, they showed this highly anticipated sequel to Xenoblade Chronicles and features a new protagonist and new characters. A huge, gorgeous trailer and an epic gameplay feature were shown displaying gameplay and teasing us even more. It didn’t disappoint and looks very promising for fans of the series. Look out for this blockbuster this fall.



The pink puffball is back and he looks so good! One of my favorites that were shown, simply titled “Kirby”. The teaser displays a Kirby game that appears to go back to its traditional platforming roots. Other titles have been disappointing but this looks epic. It features 4-player co-op and gorgeous aesthetics. I can’t wait. Set to release sometime in 2018.


A Pokemon RPG announced!

Disappointed in the Pokemon Direct earlier this month? Fear not, Tsunekazu Ishihara has announced that Gamefreak is, indeed, in development of a core Pokemon RPG for the Nintendo Switch. Let the hype train begin.


Metroid Prime 4

You heard that right, Metroid Prime 4 is in development for the Nintendo Switch and has no release window at the moment but is certainly one of the most highly anticipated franchises for Nintendo. This news alone has left fans extremely happy with Nintendo.



I totes forgot about my favorite character from the Smash series. The cute, little green dinosaur, Yoshi! Set to release in sometime in 2018, this trailer shows Yoshi fighting through worlds similar to Yoshi’s Wooly World, only you can move up and down now and Yoshi looks more realistic. Doesn’t really look like a huge blockbuster but it does look cute and nice pleasant surprise for fans.


Fire Emblem Warriors

Set for a fall release, Fire Emblem Warriors brings back some familiar faces, including Marth. They showed off a pretty good trailer and even played a lot of it during the Treehouse event. With the warrior name, it plays just like Hyrule Warriors.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC

Most likely game of the year 2017, the first DLC expansion for Zelda: BOTW was shown. The Master Trials, which will include several new additions to the base game, including a new “Trial of the Sword” mode, where players will be forced to fight waves of enemies, but without any of the existing equipment that they’ve gathered over the course of their playthrough. Completing the trial will power up the Master Sword further, allowing it to deal double damage at all times.
Additionally, a new “Master Mode” will be added, which increases the difficulty by upgrading all the enemies found in the game (some of whom will now take to the sky on flying rafts), along with a variety of new armors and costumes, including my favorite, Majora’s Mask. This DLC will be available June 30, 2017.
Nintendo also gave a brief teaser of the second DLC pack for Breath of the Wild, scheduled to release this holiday season titled “The Champions’ Ballad”. This DLC – scheduled for Holiday 2017 – involves the four Champions — Daruk, Mipha, Revali and Urbosa. New Amiibo figures based on the four Champions are also releasing and boy do they look good.


Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

More footage of this awesome turn-based game from Ubisoft was shown. Bringing the Mario RPG genre back and giving Mario and crew a chance to fight through the Kingdom with some unfamiliar faces. The Rabbids have magically appeared in the Kingdom and they bring their corky humor with them to team up with the gang and fight off the baddies. Look out for this to drop August 29, 2017. Here is the Demo shown off during the Treehouse.


Rocket League

Praise Pysonix for bringing this awesome game to the Nintendo Switch platform later this year. This version will include exclusive customization for your vehicle with things like a Mario hat or Yoshi flag. Fans are raving for the fact that we can now take this epic game on the go for some quick matches. However, the most surprising and coolest feature is that it will have a crossed-network play, meaning Switch players can play with Xbox One and PC players.


Super Mario Odyssey

Releasing October 27, 2017. Yup, they gave us a release date and it is right before Halloween. Mario is back to his some-what classic ways of 3D platforming but with some, awesome, new tricks. His hat allows him to control certain enemies, used as a jumping platform or used a weapon giving more control of the epic plumber. Below is some extra gameplay from the Treehouse event and on the E3 floor.




Whew..what a show.

But wait…incoming. Immediately following the Spotlight, Nintendo dropped another bomb on us. Metroid is getting a second title, this time for the 3DS. Metroid: Samus Returns which looks to be a re-make of the class Gameboy game Metroid II: Return of Samus. This side-scrolling adventure is different than the first-person shooter that is the Prime series and I, for one, am excited about this title as well.

Thanks for listening to fans Nintendo.


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