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Metroid Prime 4: The Triumphant Return Of Samus

Nintendo was the final company to give their E3 2017 presentation. After some mostly lackluster presentations, I was counting on Nintendo to blow me away, and boy did they deliver. I was already pretty excited to see what else the big N had up their sleeves after their Ubisoft team up Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom battle shocked me by looking sort of awesome. In my wildest dreams, I never imagined we’d hear about a new Metroid game, let alone two of them, even if one is technically a remake.

If you would’ve asked me a few days ago, or even an hour prior to Nintendo’s event, what I thought the company was going to show my run down would’ve been simple. A port of Super Smash Bros. Wii U, a look at Monster Hunter on Switch, and more detailed peek at Super Mario Odyssey, and maybe a Kirby (1)

Of my predictions, two came to pass, but I lost my ever loving mind when the words “Metroid Prime 4” shot across the screen. That’s right, Metroid Prime 4 is coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2018. I love Metroid but it’s been more miss than hit the past couple of years. After the Metroid Prime Trilogy, the series tried to refresh itself with 2010’s Metroid the other M, it was poorly received and it didn’t seem like we’d ever get a true Metroid again.

More recently, in 2016, Metroid Prime: Federation Force released for the 3DS. I liked Federation Force just fine, but it didn’t really feel like a Metroid title. You weren’t playing as Samus but Federation soldiers in mechs and the 3DS control scheme was pretty unmanageable if you weren’t playing on a new 3DS.

We don’t have any details on a release date, outside of a 2018 window for Metroid Prime 4, it wasn’t the only Metroid game Nintendo had to show off at E3. The 3DS title, Metroid: Samus Returns will launch on September 15th, 2017. This game is a reimaging of the 1991 Gameboy game Metroid II: Return of Samus.  Metroid: Samus Returns will feature 2.5D graphics, not my favorite art style but it looks pretty good here, and have modern trappings like a map, which was missing from the original due to the Gameboy’s limited functionality. Samus Returns

You might remember back in August of 2016, Milton Guasti was hit with a takedown order from Nintendo for his fan-made remake of Metroid II, called AM2R short for Another Metroid II Remake. While nobody can really begrudge Nintendo for defending its properties, the story now seems very diffrent. The internet cried out saying it wasn’t a big deal because Nintendo wasn’t doing anything with the series anyway. Not only was Nintendo doing something with the series, they were hard at work on creating their own remake of Metroid II.

Alongside the 3DS title, a new two-pack of Amiibo will be available, of Samus and an actual Metroid. This crouched Samus Amiibo looks better than the Smash Samus so Nintendo is welcome to my money.Samus amiibo

After what seems like forever Samus Aran is finally back and I couldn’t be more excited. Be sure to check in with Lunawolf for updates on Metroid Prime 4, and we’ll have more on Metroid: Samus Returns when it launches in September.



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