E3 2017: Devolver Digital’s press conference is an experience like no other

Devolver Digital held a press conference yesterday after the Bethesda one and it was certainly different. Instead of doing a normal ‘press conference’ the publisher decided to put on a show that mocks other E3 presentations. They literally bought a slot at E3 to “shitpost” about E3. As expected, the result was glorious.


The publisher showed two game trailers which were revealed several months ago and poked fun at different popular sections of the gaming industry while also mentioning memes. While the ‘conference’ was only brief, it was just long enough to be a hilarious distraction from the rest of E3 and make up for the long gap between Microsoft and Bethesda conferences.

There was absolutely no new games, trailers or gameplay during the ‘conference’ but at the same time, it didn’t really need them. The comedy itself was very entertaining for the duration of the show. It was exactly what E3 has been needing and hopefully Devolver Digital will be returning to E3 in the future.

If you missed the stream you can find it just below. However, after the conference, there was also a “Pre-Pre-Show” which kept up with the comedic nature of the press conference. This show will be ongoing until the Intel conference which begins later today.

What did you think of the Devolver Digital E3 press conference? Let us know in the comments!



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