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Square Enix Drops A New Gameplay Trailer For Kingdom Hearts 3


“Don’t assume your dreams are just fantasy.”

If you can imagine a world, believe in it…and dive in.”

Kingdom Hearts fans, cry your heart out. Square Enix has just dropped a brand new trailer for the long-awaited Square/Disney mash-up title, Kingdom Hearts 3. The new trailer features our three gallant heroes, Sora, Donald, and Goofy venturing to the highest peaks of Mount Olympus, one of the most popular Disney worlds to appear in almost every game in the Kingdom Hearts series. We aren’t surprised to see it being featured here.

The trailer made its debut at the Kingdom Hearts World Tour concert held in Los Angeles to a huge eruption of applause and cheer. The Japanese-language trailer is now available on YouTube to watch for anyone who didn’t get the chance to attend the concert in person. The trailer is mainly gameplay-orientated with very little story elements to take in. We got to witness a range of exciting new action and battle sequences with our favourite keyblade wielder, Sora, who is seen fighting off colourful purple armoured heartless as well as seen soaring down towards the cloudy landscape surrounding Mount Olympus at the beginning of the trailer.



The world of Hercules is seen to be very polished and clean thanks to the brand new Unreal Engine Square have adapted for the new game. We first got to feast our eyes on this spectacular new engine in Kingdom Hearts 2.8: A Fragmentary Passage. The trailer showcases much more enhanced gameplay mechanics and a new in-depth look at Olympus which we may not have seen in earlier Kingdom Hearts games. Trigger commands with Donald and Goofy can be seen alongside similar battle combos used in the other titles such as Sora’s popular finishing leap attack where he swings around in a circle whilst in mid-air, slashing at the clusters of heartless around him.

The new trailer also features a collection of the notable Kingdom Hearts baddies like Pete, Maleficent, and Hades who all share a short cutscene. The trailer ends with a malevolent Xemnas standing before Sora, Donald, and Goofy, at the Haunted Mansion in Twilight Town, waving a dramatic finger at the trio with the lovable Goofy taking on a protective battle stance. If that doesn’t cause your body to feel faint, then we don’t know what will. As of yet, we are still unsure whether Kingdom Hearts 3 will make any appearances or any information on a release date at E3 2017, but Square Enix have always been a bunch to surprise and shock their fans.

This new gameplay trailer states that we are to experience more Kingdom Hearts 3 news and a possible new Kingdom Hearts world reveal at the Disney D23 Expo which we will all most likely be tuning into on July 15th 2017.


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