E3 2017 Best of: EA Play

EA Play has just ended and the company has quite a bit to show however, not everything is worth paying attention to as the year develops. Here are the best games from the EA Play press conference.


Star Wars Battlefront 2

It goes without saying that Star Wars Battlefront 2 was the star of the show. The game got a 15-minute gameplay video at the end of the conference which shows the game off in all its glory. It certainly looks very good and according to EA, they’ve fixed a lot of the problems from the first game. Plus, they actually listened to the community and added a single player campaign to the game. However, we haven’t seen anything relating to this just yet.

Here’s the gameplay video from E3.



BioWare has confirmed that they have been working on a brand new IP. This new title is called “Anthem” however, we don’t actually know anything about it right now. More details will be coming from the Microsoft press conference later today.

You can still check out the teaser video though.


A Way Out

This brand new IP is coming from EA Originals for indie developers. It’s being created by the developers who worked on Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, however, they formed a new studio called Hazelight Studios.

This is a two player co-op game which is played in split-screen for local and online play. According to the developers, everything in the game is different to each other making the gameplay incredibly diverse. We’ll have to see how well this works in practice next year, however.


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