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You didn’t ask for it, but Bubsy is back

There’s a headline I never thought I’d have to write. If you needed more evidence that mankind deserves to punished for all of its misdeeds, look no further. After closing its doors 17 years ago, Accolade is back with a brand new Bubsy title.

Accolade sent out a press release this morning stating, “Bubsy: the Woolies Strike Back is an all new Bubsy adventure featuring Bubsy in a bevy of exotic locations as he travels the planet looking for the beloved Golden Fleece.” “Bubsy must use all of his classic moves and a few new ones to dodge and out bobcat a battalion of woolies, sharks, and bees, not to mention the gnarliest UFO bosses to ever grace a Bubsy adventure.”bubsy screen grab

This isn’t just Accolade’s first game since it closed back in 2000, it’s their first Bubsy title since the 1996 Bubsy 3D, which is generally reviled. I’m not sure what possessed Accolade to return with Bubsy after all this time, but there you have it. Just chalk it up to another weird event in the strangest year on record.


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