Sony: Top 3 upcoming exclusives we hope to see more of at E3

E3 is coming up quick and there are loads of new games and hardware on the horizon. With big name publishers and developers unloading new content from all angles, Sony particularly has a heap of exclusives to help satisfy our appetite for the most original gaming experience. Here’s the top 3 Sony exclusives that, by the end of E3, will hopefully have a much larger grasp of gameplay, and if we’re lucky, some release dates.

The Last of Us Part 2

The Last of Us formed an emotional bond with gamers, unlike any other game to grace our televisions. With heart-wrenching moments and a dark, end-of-humanity feel, Naughty Dog – as they always do – delivered an action-packed emotional rollercoaster. With a brilliant scavenge and craft system, rewarding new weapons and addictive cover ‘n’ shoot or stealth style gameplay mechanics, The Last of Us finally gave gamers a true zombie-like survivor; filling it with tense encounters and, as well as, heart-breaking emotional moments, something left out of most categorized in the genre.

So now its been four years since this epic release and after an updated version to current gen consoles and the closing title to Naughty Dog’s star franchise over the past decade (the Uncharted series), it’s only natural to see the success’ of The Last of Us come to fruition in the form of a sequel. Join the slightly aged duo as they continue their survival across the virus infected land, in search of redemption for the sombering-ly mature Ellie.

Scars and blood cover the young, quivering survivor in the reveal trailer released in 2016. As she plays her sad, lonesome song, which can only be assumed to be about the trials Ellie had previously gone through, the back of Joel is seen entering the house she sits in, walking cautiously through the aftermath of a zombie blood-bath feud. Stopping in the back room at the end of her song, Ellie’s powerful answer to Joel’s ominous and vague question leaves the viewers starving for more details on Naughty Dog’s next big release.


God of War

The popular Sony franchise has slowed down during the past decade but not from lack of interest – which is evident from the hype LA’s giant E3 ad has received, featuring the god fighting warrior Kratos holding an axe and a small boy (his son) wielding a bow. With gameplay footage showing off an older, wiser Kratos fathering his son through a hunting exercise turned-to-troll excavation, God of War looks beyond enticing, and for the lack of a better term, gruesome.

With the recent releases taking the action based, hack ‘n’ slash genre by storm, creating colossal battles between the axe swinging brawler Kratos against Gods from Greek mythology, God of War has improved with every release in the series. Dating back to the classic days of the Playstation 2, the God of War series has been taking players on an adventure through ancient Greek lands found nowhere else. God of War 3 made impressive reviews as the most recent title in the franchise, but the Playstation 4 era will finally be graced with the brutal presence of Santa Monica Studios’s beloved series.

As mentioned above, the ad that went up in LA proves Sony will be giving a good amount of time dedicated to the upcoming God of War title, in doing so relieving all of us intrigued by the released footage of all, or most, of our curiosities regarding the game. God of War looks to hit the E3 stage hard this year so stay tuned for more details in the near future, after Sony’s E3 conference Monday, June 12th 6:00 PM PDT/ 1:00 AM BDT.


Detroit: Become Human

Game developers and mocap specialists, Quantic Dream, have given a name to themselves for producing emotional thrillers mixed with an interactive drama gameplay. Cult favorites like Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy put the French team on the map in the gaming world for delivering an original approach to telling not only one side, but multiple angles to one, twisting and turning narrative. With their most recent release, Beyond: Two Souls (2013), performing below the hype, netting overall average/below average scores, Quantic Dream looks to bring the genre back to what made it so engrossing.

Set in futuristic Detroit where androids are now apart of human life, you take the role of several – that we know of – different characters; two being confirmed as Connor, an android police officer whose tasked with capturing other androids who’ve gone rogue and pose a threat to human life, and Kara, an android who has trouble identifying herself as an android surrounded by human life. A trademark in Quantic Dreams’ games, controlling the outcome between more than one character allows difficult and ethical decisions throughout the game, leaving some tough choices as the story progresses.

Kara is the same ‘Kara” found in Quantic Dreams tech demo featured on the PlayStation 3, which was published well before the release of Beyond: Two Souls, over 5 years ago. Impressive as it was, the next instalment from the development team seemed to have abandoned the “Kara” idea for a supernatural thriller and big-name stars like Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe. Nonetheless, it’s exciting to see what was once a dramatic trailer, be finally put to use for the next big name in the company’s list of impressive releases.


With E3 now only a couple of days away, we’re sure to get our fill of news and releases, not only for Sony but all major game publishers and developers. Stay tuned in the coming week(s) for some of the hottest gaming news revealed from all of the conferences during E3.


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