Is the Xbox Game Pass worth it?

Microsoft and Xbox took a huge step in the right direction for the gaming community and rental services. It’s like a Netflix style system for video games where players can download a variety of games to play at their leisure.

The Netflix of Gaming

Microsoft and Xbox took a huge step in the right direction for the gaming community and rental services. On June 1st, Xbox introduced Xbox Game Pass , a subscription-based service that allows consumers to browse from over 100 games to play on and offline. They offer a 2-week trial and is well worth giving it ago. Just think of it like the Netflix of gaming, where you choose from a huge catalogue of games sorted by different categories to chose from. Licenses to the titles you download are tied directly to your subscription status and will occasionally require an internet connection to validate your account standing. In short, it’s EA Access for non-EA games.

At $9.99 a month (USD), is it worth it? Yes. Do you ever find yourself browsing through Netflix for something that looks good and you know little about? Well with Game Pass, it’s the same. I was able to discover numerous gems that I had wanted to try out but never pulled the trigger. I even found a super classic from when I was a wee lad from Sega called Comix Zone. I totally forgot this gem existed until Game Pass reminded me. Ah, the Nostalgia.

Game Pass also includes discounts on purchases of games and DLC if you which to purchase any game that you play in the catalogue. Again, much like Netflix’s formula, the catalogue will rotate games in and out each month, though it hasn’t been out for a full month yet so we will have to see how that goes. The selection doesn’t have the newest games to choose from but it does offer some modern gems like Halo 5 and some heavy hitters like BioShock and Saints Row.

Catalog preview

The selection is robust and has a lot to offer for consumers who were on the fence about trying games. Xbox has a lot to be proud of for releasing such an app that allows us to browse and play games on and offline at a low price. The catalog will continue to grow as the popularity and technology increases and I am excited to see what they have in store for us. The variety of genres and selection to choose from offers something for every type of gamer and I can’t recommend Game Pass enough if you love playing games.



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