E3 2017: Top 5 things we are most hyped about for the PC Gaming Show press conference

Once again the PC Gaming Show is returning to E3 and PC Gamer has already confirmed a range of developers and companies. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate and hope right?


Kingdom Come: Deliverance

It’s been around six years since the game was first announced and it looks like we may finally be getting a release date. A special trailer will be releasing on June 9th which will be filled with details but it would make sense for the developers to make an appearance at E3 also. Hopefully, a release date will be coming within the next two weeks and we can see if this game was actually worth the wait.



While Epic Games haven’t been confirmed to be at the PC Gaming Show, it would be great to hear from them again. Paragon is in open beta now and the developers are working hard to release new heroes on a regular basis in addition to other updates. This would be the perfect time to announce a few new major features or talk about the eSports side of the game.


VR technology and PC hardware

This is the PC Gaming Show we’re talking about, there has to be a section dedicated to these things. While most gamers will probably find this section a little dull, I’m looking forward to seeing the latest gaming advancements in gaming technology and VR. We should get to see a few upcoming VR games also.



Total War

Creative Assembly has been hard at work on Total War: Warhammer 2 and the word on the street is that the game will be releasing some time this year. If that’s correct then we should be getting a release date during the E3 show which is great news for strategy fans. At the very least, they should be able to announce a few more details about the game such as who the mysterious fourth faction is.



This probably won’t excite everybody but Microsoft has been trying to reconnect with PC gaming over the past couple of years so we do need to give them a little bit of credit for at least trying. The big question, however, is if they’ve listened to gamers and will be porting more of their titles to PC. And by PC we don’t mean Windows 10, we mean Steam. Probably won’t happen but hey, it will be entertaining to see Microsoft try and cover themselves once the crowd starts scowling.


What are you looking forward to seeing at the E3 2017 PC Gaming Show?


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