E3 2017: Top 5 things we’re most hyped about for Bethesda’s press conference

E3 is almost here now and everyone here from Lunawolf Gaming has been pulling together their top 5 lists ahead of the conferences. There’s a lot to look forwards to this year and Bethesda has promised quite a lot this year. If you missed our analysis of the teaser image for E3 then you can check it out here.



The teaser image from Bethesda shows a small section for Doom. It suggests that there could be something Doom related coming this year. With the last Doom game being released in 2016, it’s about time for a single player DLC for the critically acclaimed game. There have been several multiplayer expansions but at time of writing, there have been no actual hints towards a single player DLC. This is probably just me being hopeful and we’ll find out the truth during the Bethesda conference.

However, there have been some rumors suggesting that there could be a Doom mobile game coming. This could also be very interesting and could be a great addition to the Bethesda family.

Bethesda’s new IP

Bethesda has a brand new IP to show off this year. Based on the teaser image, this new game is probably Starfield. The long-awaited game from Bethesda which began development several years ago. We don’t know much about this game so Bethesda should have quite a bit to show. We’re really looking forward to this reveal!


Wolfenstein: New Colossus 

The game was first teased at E3 2016’s conference by Bethesda but very few people seemed to notice it. It was a very subtle tease but it was definitely there. Now that it’s one year later, hopefully, Bethesda will finally have some news regarding this new game. The developer’s teaser image reveals that two new games will be shown at E3 this year and it’s most likely that one of these games will be the new Wolfenstein.


Skyrim on Nintendo Switch

We haven’t heard anything relating to Skyrim being on the Nintendo Switch since the Switch announcement trailer. This would be the perfect time to show off some gameplay of Skyrim in action on the new console. Hopefully, we’ll get a release date for the Switch version at this conference.


Dishonored 2 DLC

It was hinted that there would be DLC  coming earlier this year. Plus the Dishonored section on the teaser image certainly suggests that Bethesda has some news regarding the game. The original Dishonored game had several DLC expansions so we can expect the latest game to get the same treatment.



What are you most excited about from Bethesda’s conference? Let us know in the comments!


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