E3 2017: Top 5 things we are most hyped about for Nintendo’s press conference

Nintendo has just completed their Pokemon Direct event and made several interesting announcements such as Pokemon Gold & Silver for the Virtual Console. However, this was just for Pokemon and Nintendo is about so much more. As a result, we can expect to see quite a bit being shown off at E3 this year from Nintendo. Especially as the honeymoon period for the Nintendo Switch is over now so the company needs to come out swinging.


Pokken Tournament DX

Nintendo has just announced that the Switch will be getting a Pokken Tournament game. Not only that, there will be a tournament during E3 which should show off the new playable Pokemon which have been added to the game. Fighting game fans should be pleased to see that there are now two fighting games coming to the Switch. Both Arms and Pokken Tournament DX are promising games and we should hear a lot more about them during E3.


Super Mario Odyssey

We haven’t heard too much about this game since it was first announced and this is the perfect time for Nintendo to show off some more gameplay. We’ve been left wondering about this game since it was announced and Nintendo should have plenty to say about this upcoming Mario game. Nintendo has previously stated that the game will be coming out Winter 2017 so we should be getting a release date for the game next week.


Monster Hunter XX

The extended version of Monster Hunter Generations is coming to the Nintendo Switch! The game has an August release date so we should be getting a specific day next week. Hopefully, there will be some gameplay as well next week to help tide us over while we wait for the full release later this year. Assuming they don’t announce a delay of course.



Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

Two new Pokemon games were announced earlier today for the Nintendo 3DS. Both these games are supposed to be set in the world of Pokemon Sun & Moon but they tell a different story to the original games. The details are very limited right now but we should get a few looks at the game during E3. However, Nintendo has previously stated that this E3 will be dedicated to the Nintendo Switch console so we might not get to see too much of them.

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

This game was rumored before the Nintendo Switch was even released. This upcoming turn-based strategy game is a surprising alliance between Nintendo and Ubisoft but there’s almost no information about it. Ubisoft however has confirmed that the game is real and that it will be launching this September for the Nintendo Switch. As a result, a portion of Nintendo’s E3 show will be dedicated to this game. Or it’s possible that they will be leaving it to Ubisoft to deal with. We’ll have to wait and see.



What Nintendo games are you most excited about seeing at E3?


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