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Hori’s Offical Splatoon 2 Headset is a whole lot of wires


We all knew voice chat on the Switch would be less than elegant when compared to other consoles, but we got our first peak when the official Splatoon 2 Twitter posted photos of the games official headset yesterday morning.  They’re calling this unusually complicated setup “Empera Hookup HDP.” You can see below it has a squid shaped dongle, a set on over ear headphones, boom mic, and three, count’em, three 3.5mm audio jacks, and they aren’t just for show.  Your first cable goes from the Switch’s headphone port to the dongle another from your phone to the dongle, and the third connects the dongle to your headset.


Nintendo’s unusual choice to make the Switch’s voice chat run through a separate phone app is what necessitates this monstrosity, at least for now. We could see an overhaul down the line. After all the Switch has Bluetooth capabilities, so a wireless option seems like a no-brainer, but it is Nintendo we’re talking about.

The headset is an officially licensed product made by Hori, so it won’t be a piece of junk, and I honestly think it looks kind of cool. The headset is set to release alongside Splatoon 2 on July 21st(at least in Japan) it retails at ¥3480 which equates to $31.25. It also includes an identical in-game headset for your inkling character.


Maybe when Nintendo’s paid online service launches in 2018, they’ll have sorted out all this chat connectivity. Until then I’ll be a man of many wires.


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