10 Games you might have missed in May 2017

May isn’t exactly renown for game releases but that doesn’t mean that it’s completely barren. Some great and interesting video games have been released this month and you probably missed them! It’s time to check out the top 10 games you missed last month.


Oxygen Not Included

While not a completely finished game yet, Oxygen Not Included is already shaping up to be an amazing title. The game comes from Don’t Starve developer Klei Entertainment and it already looks like another hit. This colony management game puts players in control of a group of duplicants who somehow need to survive. It’s a lot harder than it sounds and it has plenty of replay value.

Remember to check out our preview on the game! If you’d like to try the game while it’s still in Early Access then you can find it here.


Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days

We all avoid video games based on movies automatically but this is one game that players should consider checking out. It’s a top-down shooter and despite the name, it actually has very little to do with the Reservoir Dogs movie. Players take control of three dogs through the unique time rewind feature with the aim of robbing different locations. It’s a highly strategic game with decent replay value.

You can read our review of the game here. Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days is available on Steam.


Victor Vran (For Console)

The highly rated PC ARPG was finally released on console this month. However, the release was a rather quiet one so not many console gamers would have heard about this game. Victor Vran was first released on PC in 2015 where it gathered an incredible response from gamers. Console ARPG players should definitely take a look at this one!

Victor Vran is now available for Xbox One and PC via Steam.


Butcher (For Console)

This 2D shooter is a brutal shooter game which could be compared to the Doom series. Butcher was originally released for PC in October last year and was met with a positive response from both gamers and critics. The response to the console version of the game has been exactly the same which makes this one Xbox One game you should take a look at.

Butcher is now available for Xbox One but can also be found on Steam.


Impact Winter

The game has a “mostly negative” rating on Steam but hear us out. It’s a very promising game which is let down by poor keyboard & mouse controls. The game is designed to work with a controller and for a PC game this is a big “no no” but the developers are working to improve this and fix the K&B controls. While the game might not be in the best condition right now, this survival game will be a must buy after a few weeks which is a good enough reason to include it on this list.

You can keep an eye on the developers progress here on Steam.


50 Years

This may not be the most exciting game on this list but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth taking a look at. It’s a fast-paced version of a turn-based strategy game which has been designed so it can be completed in one sitting if the player desires. In addition to the fast games, it has a high replay value which makes this game very easy to replay for hours. Strategy game lovers should look this game up on Steam.

Grab this game on Steam now!

Update: The trailer on YouTube has been taken down.



This game may look a lot like Plague Inc and that’s because the games are very similar. However, in Quarantine players are fighting the disease outbreak and are racing to save the world. It entered Early Access back in February but was only just released this month. Strategy gamers who enjoyed Plague Inc should also be able to enjoy this game.

It’s currently available for purchase on Steam.


Inner Voices 

This is the first horror game on this list however unlike the second one, this game has five different endings. It’s a non-linear game allowing players plenty of freedom when it comes to exploring what the game has to offer. Inner Voices is certainly an interesting horror game which horror fans should keep an eye on.

Our review for this game will be coming later so stay tuned! For now, you can find the game here on Steam.



This unique horror game puts players into the role of a blind woman who is investigating a house. However, the house is haunted by a supernatural entity which is hunting her. She must uncover the secrets of the house and escape the terrible place if she wants to live another day.

We should have a review of this game coming soon. In the meantime, you can grab a copy of the game on Steam. The console version of this game will be coming very soon.


2017 VR 

This game blends RPG elements with classic zombie killing action. It’s only been out a short while now but it’s already making a splash in the VR community and is quickly becoming one of the better games currently available for VR headsets. Anyone with a VR headset and a hatred for zombies should consider taking a look at 2017 VR.

Anyone interested in this game can find it on Steam here.


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