Nosgoth: One year after the cancellation

It’s officially been one year since the game was taken offline. Today I’m going to be reflecting on everything that’s happened so far. For those of us who loved this game, it’s been a very long year and the future is still a little uncertain for us all.


If you’ve missed my previous Nosgoth articles here’s a full list:


If you’ve read my previous articles then you know that Nosgoth was an amazing game that touched our lives in ways we could have never imagined. But how is the world now one year later?


As previously mentioned, the community behind the game has remained strong over the past year. So strong that a group of veterans are planning to hold a “Nosgoth Convention” later this year in August. The idea is to have a large meet-up where players of the game can get together, drink, remember the game and have a nice time together.

In addition to this, there’s still an active Discord channel where members of the community discuss things with each other and share images. It’s no longer as active as it used to be but there’s plenty of users still logging in every day and quite a few regulars!

Despite the cancellation one year ago today, the community has remained strong and closely knit. There are still fans creating fan art for the game and other user-created content such as card games and projects inspired by Nosgoth. The community surrounding Nosgoth is a strong one filled with incredible individuals who all have their own unique stories to tell. Perhaps one day we’ll be able to write more about this.



It’s been a few weeks since my last article that looked at the games players have moved to and there’s been a few changes since then. The most popular games now seem to be:

  • Overwatch
  • Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds
  • Dead by Daylight
  • Rocket League

There are still some users who have moved to games such as Rainbow Six Siege or For Honor but only a small number have. Many players have actually given up on gaming and no longer play games so intensively. I am one of those people who no longer plays a single game intensively, I drift between games and mostly play for review purposes now. For me, the entertainment value for games is very low right now for some reason.


I figured I’d do a short update based on my “Legacy of Nosgoth” post which was a little more personal. It’s been a hard year without Nosgoth but there’s been no dramatic anxiety increase so it seems to be mostly fine. Since then I’ve started a few different projects (including this website!) and some of them actually mention or refer to Nosgoth. In the future I’ll have more information for you about these.


I’m busier than ever despite not having a game to dedicate myself to. It’s a little sad that gaming has slipped away a bit but it’s not like I’m avoiding all games…. more like, waiting for something that feels like it’s worth playing for the long-term.



All Nosgoth veterans have their own stories and it’s important to recognise how much of an effect this little game had on us all. Nosgoth may be gone now but it lives on in all of us who loved the game.

For now, my time writing Nosgoth articles is up but I plan to start this up once again next year. To make it an annual event in memory of Nosgoth.

Vae Victis!


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  1. Nosgoth is dead and there is no news about new games in the series still. Even worse, Square Enix wont give away software they used to get the game running so we cant even feast on the scraps that remained.

    “Vae Victis – suffering to the conquered. Ironic that now I was the one suffering.”


    • While Square Enix won’t be making any new games, there has been confirmation that some Nosgoth veterans are working on a video game similar to Nosgoth. So we do have something to look forwards to at least!


      • Once there’s more information on their project I will be providing an update. For now, we all just have to sit tight for a few months.


      • You’re right, there are people working on a similar non-LoK game but there’s also someone developing a Nosgoth-inspired card game. In addition to this, I know there’s at least one other Nosgoth related game project right now which I can’t talk about.


    • Sorry but there’s no news on it right now! From what I understand the developers are also busy with other obligations. So there’s nothing on this just yet.


      • I am dying here…I’m sick GW2, Overawatch boring, BDO is a joke, Paragon is gone, Like how did they fuck this game up…There is no more great PVP games.

        There was nothing like Nosgoth…NOTHING. I did like the LOK inspired theme but I don’t need it…I need that game with a new theme the combat was GREAT. That’s what made it so great why every one of those other games is honestly just trash.


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