Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days Review – Not quite Reservoir Dogs related

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days is an interesting top-down shooter which is dragged down slightly by its name. While this game is supposedly related to the Reservoir Dogs movie, there’s very little in the game to suggest they’re related. As a result, the game has been pushed to the side as part of the “video game based on a movie” pile. But does this game deserve to be pushed to the side?

Developer: Big Star Games
Publisher: Big Star Games
Release Date: May 18th, 2017
Platforms: PC (Windows) and Xbox One
Platform Reviewed on: PC



Bloody Days puts players in control of a group of three men known as “Dogs” who are all professional criminals. The groups aim is to earn a bunch of money be completing different jobs where they rob a range of locations. The money earned from these jobs can be spent to unlock new locations for players to attempt to rob. However, robbing them isn’t too easy.

Each location in the game is heavily guarded by police who are armed with guns and security personnel who wield melee weapons. Once an enemy has been killed it’s possible to swap weapons with them which is great news considering each weapon has limited ammo and no way to replenish the supply.

The game isn’t just pure action however, there’s a lot of strategy to the gameplay also. Most of this comes from the unique rewind ability that allows players to play with multiple characters at once. It sounds quite complicated but in reality it’s actually very simple. Players control their leader character first which begins a timer. This timer dictates how long the other characters will have to move and complete their actions.

There are usually one or two necessary characters per level and if they die, it’s game over. Luckily, the rewind feature makes it possible to save characters before they die by killing the enemy which would have killed them. However, failing to do this will result in a gameover and the player will be forced to restart the game from the last saved checkpoint. Thankfully, there are quite a few checkpoints in each level and the game usually saves at the start of each combat so the game doesn’t go too far back each time.

Each location in the game can be replayed as many times as the player likes. There’s also a reason to do this as the player is given a report card which scores their performance on that level. It’s possible to replay the levels to get a better performance score. Unlike most other games, it’s also possible to replay the tutorial level which is great for if players forget how to play the game.

It needs to be noted however that this is not an easy game. It requires careful strategy and exact timings to succeed on each level and reach a good high score. It can become a little frustrating in places but overall it’s a nice difficulty level which provides player plenty of room to improve and grow their skills at this game.

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days is a great top-down shooter and is one that all strategy fans should try at least once. The game features nice humor and has some memorable moments that helps push the game along. However, the game has very little to do with the Reservoir Dogs movie so fans of the movie shouldn’t expect to see any familiar faces. Despite this, it’s probably one of the best movie inspired games ever created.


  • Highly strategic
  • Great time-rewind system
  • High replay value
  • Good difficulty level and amount of checkpoints
  • Nice comedy


  • Characters aren’t very memorable
  • Doesn’t feel very related to the Reservoir Dogs movie
  • No plot or any kind of development
  • Gameplay can be frustrating at times when you can’t save a character


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