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Oxygen Not Included Preview (Early Access on Steam)

ONI5 Oxygen Not Included is a colony simulator survival indie game made by Klei Entertainment – creators of the famous Don’t Starve. The main goal in this game is very simple and pretty obvious – don’t let your colony die, yet it’s not that easy as it seems at first glance.ONI2

You start the game with your colonists (duplicants) spawned somewhere deep underground with almost no resources, so your best option is to start digging. You will need to act quickly and set up basic needs for your colony so they don’t die in first 10 minutes. The game doesn’t have a tutorial system (yet), although it can offer some tips to guide the player in the right direction.


Taking small steps at a time building your base – you’ll need to manage their needs, constantly monitoring the amounts of food available, ensuring enough power is being produced, that they have access to a source of clean water, duplicants stress levels and, of course, amounts of available oxygen (‘cause its not included). Players also need to plan everything one step ahead, as it takes almost no effort to snowball everything to a disaster from a small mistake. The game has lots of details and mechanics that players should take into consideration and make calculations, to optimize the efficiency of their colony. And while it does sounds complicated – ONI is a very fun game to play. It has a nice, quirky art style, that replicates Don’t Starve in some ways. It is fun to watch duplicants running around busy, reacting to various circumstances, making funny faces and noises. And this alone grants good replayability.

So far I’m having a lot of fun playing this game, even though in some situations it can get a bit stressful. Mostly because the game has made me care about my duplicants a lot!



  • Interesting gameplay
  • Amazing art style
  • Cute duplicants
  • Great replayability


  • It is Early Access, so expect some bugs/glitches and misbehaviours
  • No real story behind nor end goal
  • It is impossible at the moment to make your colony self sufficient


ONI currently entered an early access on Steam, developers are listening to the community on the forums, fixing bugs/issues, with lots of content planned to be added to the game in the future. You can find their Store Page here.


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