How game developers can learn from Nosgoth

Nosgoth may be gone but game developers have a lot to learn from the failures of this game an in regard to the genre. Should developers just avoid this type of game? Heck no! If you build it, we will find out and you can sure that Nosgoth veterans will be desperate to play your game.


We’ve previously looked at the Fall of Nosgoth and how the community has coped with the loss of the game. Today we’ll be turning our attention elsewhere and focusing on how other game developers can learn from this amazing game which was cancelled before its time.



The gameplay of Nosgoth was unique. There’s no doubt about that. While there are similar games out there, none of them is close enough to match Nosgoth what Nosgoth was. As a result, the veterans of the game have been left without a game to move to forcing many to move to games such as Overwatch, Dead by Daylight, For Honor and Rainbow Six Siege instead. None of which are similar to Nosgoth.

Game developers reading this should know that there is a huge gap in the market right now. Nosgoth veterans are desperate for a similar game to come along with the gameplay we know and love.

As a result, game developers should note what made the gameplay of Nosgoth so unique. It was the combination of hack-and-slash with third-person shooter which attracted thousands of players. However, the game didn’t retain them all. Why did that happen? Let’s find out.


Let’s not beat around the bush here. Nosgoth had many problems. Most of them were caused by the developer (Psyonix) and publisher (Square Enix) who refused to listen to the community. The team behind the game often ignored what the community had to say and the suggestions that came from us such as a better tutorial system to help new players get into the game.

The biggest problem, however, was the lack of marketing. Very few people even knew this game existed and as a result, the player base was never able to grow to the size the game deserved to have.

Developers looking to create a game similar to Nosgoth to help fill the gap must do several things:

  1. Listen to the community
  2. Advertise the game
  3. Have an actual tutorial system
  4. Be willing to implement changes to better the game and not just earn more money
  5. Fix bugs

At the point of Nosgoth’s cancellation, the game still had bugs in it which were present from the early builds of the game. While the developers were focused on creating more content, they missed many of the issues within the game which were making some players quit the game.


A message to developers

We the Nosgoth community would love to see a similar game come in the future. However, after everything that’s happened we do have some concerns. As a result, we’re hopeful but very sceptical so don’t be surprised if it takes some time to win us over.

However, if you build it they will come. The majority of Nosgoth veterans would be more than willing to give a similar game a try.Not only that, we’d be willing to work with you to make the game even better. So please don’t think it’s not worth doing as it truly is.

Here’s to a better future!

Vae Victis!


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  1. Hi there? Some of the Nosgoth players are coming to play our game Skara ( Although it is still ina very early stag I can promise we do listen our community. In fact we talk with them on a daily basis on our open Discord server, and the dev team play with the community every single day to learn from them and address the game mechanics following their feedback.

    Great article!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for your comment! It looks interesting and sounds very promising. I’ll check it out and share it with some of the other Nosgoth veterans.


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