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Sonic Forces: Character Creation Announced

Sonic Forces

Everyone’s favorite hedgehog is back and in full force. Get it? Force? Sonic Forces features Modern and classic Sonic and recently announced by Sega, a customizable character. Yup, that’s correct, a customizable, playable character to use in the main game. Your character will join forces with you to take down the baddies.

The create-a-character option will allow players to build off of one of seven type of characters used in the upcoming series.

These seven types include:

  • Bear
  • Bird
  • Dog
  • Cat 😉
  • Wolf 😉
  • Hedgehog
  • and Rabbit

Each one comes with its own ability

Alongside with choosing a species, players can also customize the entire outfit with a robust selection of accessories and options unlocked by playing the campaign.

Releasing this Fall, Sonic Forces features classic Sonic 2D play and modern 3D play. Should be jammed packed with gameplay for any preference.


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