Do Gamers Still Want Dead Island 2?

Survival games have made huge waves in the gaming world during the past decade. Dead Island was one of the most popular games around when it was released and the developers have talked about a sequel for years. We’re still waiting.


Selling over 5 million copies worldwide, Dead Island became one of the most successful games for Techland. Releasing a standalone DLC, Dead Island: Riptide, a spin-off game, a remaster for next-gen systems and even a retro side-scrolling game, Dead Island has kept its fans entertained, but for how much longer? With numerous push-backs, a developer change and a lack of details pertaining to the game, new IP’s are starting to leave Dead Island 2 in the dust.


A big selling point for the Dead Island was Techland’s gripping theatrical trailer, sending chills down the spine in reverse slow-motion undead carnage, set to a beautifully written orchestra piece. Showing what appears to be a family on vacation savagely slashing away in bloody mayhem, it also suggests a personal setting rooted in a deep, emotional story. What Dead Island delivered was anything but, providing a melee focused slasher with a bit of wit added on top. So with other IP’s appearing which scratched that itch, is the gaming world excited for an official release date for Dead Island 2?


After the release of the DLC Riptide, unsettling reviews started coming in, namely, picking at the performance (or lack thereof). Since then the spin-off game, Escape Dead Island developed by Fatshark released to yet another round of disappointing reviews, digging the hole into obscurity even farther. While providing more backstory to the original series and a new twist on graphics and gameplay, Escape didn’t give the fans enough of what they were looking for. The addictive co-op, beautiful and colorful, though often glitchy graphics and more melee mayhem on the infected population were selling points for the original. Patch up the performance issues and lay down a serious, gut-wrenching story and a sequel may be what bounces the series back from extinction.

So whether Deep Silver, along with new developers Sumo Digital, have to reel fans back in with another riveting trailer or show promise of a storyline that dramatically out-does the first, the game remains under development. The brutal survival game moves from the island of Banoi to several California areas after the infection spreads. For all you Dead Island fans that patiently cling on to the hope of a sequel, let’s hope for the end of this year or early next to be your time.


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