4 Games That Were Cancelled Too Soon

Let’s admit that we all had our hopes and dreams crushed before our very eyes as we discover that the game will no longer be coming out; using the dreaded word, Cancelled. Sometimes it’s a good thing and other times it leads to a lot of upset and disappointment. Let’s take a walk down memory lane.

Silent Hill

silent hills

This was one of the most highly anticipated video game in 2015 only to leave fans utterly devastated including me. But what we find out is the fact that there were problems even before and after the production of the Playable Trailer or P.T. This trailer has sent terror throughout the gaming community, which all the more hyped up the game. Hideo Kojima, after spending much of his career with Konami, branched away from them. Thus, ends the completion of the game that starred Norman Reedus, The Walking Dead star.

This project was also in collaboration with director and screenwriter Guillermo del Toro best known for his works in Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy and Pacific Rim. This is the second game that del Toro has collaborated with that never saw the light of day. From what is being reported, there were many creative and other differences between Kojima and the company which enticed him to create his own company which will soon start producing their own horror games. Konami may still have the rights to Silent Hill so there may be a future game in the making just not the one we all wanted to see.



Nosgoth was another unfortunate game that was cancelled in 2016 with their servers officially cut off on May 31st which makes it almost a year now. Nosgoth was a multiplayer PvP game with a humans versus vampires twist. Taken from the Legacy of Kain universe, Nosgoth met the same fate as most other games in the series. It was preparing to leave it’s open beta when it was cancelled by publisher Square Enix and developer Psyonix. This online only game was almost complete and just before the cancellation announcement, a large update was released which included a brand new class.

This game was actually created using some elements of another cancelled Legacy of Kain game. Dead Sun was the single-player sequel to the main story which was pulled before release. Some of the assets and locations from that game were used in Nosgoth. This is why some of the maps for this game extended beyond the play zone. The most infamous one for this may have been Provance which included part of a small town just beyond the map which could be explored using the Free Cam mode when re-watching past matches.

Will the Nosgoth assets be used in another Legacy of Kain game? We’ll have to wait and see.



Another highly anticipated Xbox One exclusive game set to release in 2016 during holiday seasons only to be pushed back and then cancelled in January of this year is Scalebound. Microsoft is keeping quiet as to the relationship between the company PlatinumGames and Microsoft. Scalebound was fantasy game, which was showcased at E3 2014, was about the adventures of Drew and his dragon Thuban. Many questions arose as to the customization of both the dragon and Drew. One of the creators of the game, Hideki Kamiya, ensured the audience that there were customizations but only in terms of skills and not in Drew and the Dragon’s physical features. The reason for this cancellation has something to do with disagreements between Microsoft and PlatiniumGames Company.



This is a game that I’ve only recently heard of and am very disappointed that this was cancelled as it would’ve made an interesting game based on the information available. LMNO was not the games actual title, this was just the codename it had been assigned while it was being developed.

It was apparently cancelled due to another similar game being released. The game in question here was “Saboteur”. LMNO was an action-adventure game which featured an alien woman and a male secret agent. It was going to depend on the relationship between the pair as well as their actions.



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