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10 Hilarious Skyrim Mods Worth Playing


The fifth title in The Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim, has been keeping players busy for over five years now. Downloadable content gave Dragonborn everywhere loads of more quests, new characters and more weapons and armor to discover, increasing the amount of hours one could pour into the adventure game. Add a re-release onto next gen with the addition of console-based mods and it starts to feel like a whole new ballgame. While most mods are driven towards increased playability, unique weapons/armor or even entire new questlines, some just exist for the sole purpose of bringing a laugh or smile to the often dangerous lands. Here’s 10 hilarious mods to lighten the mood when traversing the massive landscape.

Uncle Sheo Loading Screens

With the amount of fast traveling done due to the enormous size of Skyrim’s map there’s an awful lot of load times to get around. Thankfully games like Skyrim offer various informative messages about the game, characters or any other useful lore found along your campaign. But with the Uncle Sheo Loading Screen mod you get random, enlightening, insane or otherwise hilarious tips and excerps from the Daedric Prince of Madness himself, Sheograth. A perfect mod to help ease the repititive nature of the same in-game hints, especially after the 100 hour mark.


Army of Explosive Chickens

When a bow and arrow just isn’t cutting it. A one handed sword mixed with destruction magic on the other hand just can’t seem to get things done. When your two handed heaves of your battleaxe leave you unfulfilled and unsatisfied there’s only one other option: summoning an army of exploding chickens. That’s right, with this mod you use incubated chicken eggs to hatch tons of chickens that not only seek out any potential threat but also detonate a massive explosion with no effort from you. And if that’s not enough, you can summon a literal army of them to do your bidding for you. Just sit back and enjoy the chicken carnage set upon any unknowing enemies.


Space Core from Portal 2

There’s no better feeling than when two great games have an epic emerging. When the Skyrim mod brings Portal 2’s fast-talking cylindrical space core to Tamriel, you get a catalogue of nerdy, robotic sayings from Valve’s first person puzzler. Screaming down from the sky, crashing into the earth you discover the Space Core in a smashed building added as a part of the mod. Strictly to give you a few laughs, this mod succeeds with a great special appearance across gaming platforms.


NPC Ejector Force

With the frustrations of tiresome one liners from Skyrims NPC’s constantly ringing through your speakers, that sadistic person inside of you can’t help but think of thoughts about forcefully sending them sky-high in retaliation. The NPC Ejector Force spell mod allows you to do exactly that. A quick push of force with your hands and watch that annoying townie or soldier flail helplessly through the air, sometimes to meet right against a brick wall. Even more amusing is you get no bounty after your sudden burst of mad energy directed at whichever NPC triggered your meltdown. Go ahead, show them an arrow to the knee is the least of their worries.

Thomas Train Dragons, Call of Trainwiz

One of the most notable mods when talking about the weird, obscure or all out random additions the mod-nation of Skyrim has to offer is the Thomas the Train Engine dragon mod. From the first encounter with subtle train whistles followed by fire-tooting, straight-faced and wide-eyed train engines, this mod creates an atmosphere not like any thing you’ve experienced in Skyrim. With the extra modded spell Call of Trainwiz, prepare for an apocolyptic feel of raining train mayhem, something every Dragonborn should experience.


My Little Pony Mods

Adding more to the list of mods that go after changing the appearance of one of Skyrims most infamous creatures, the My Little Pony mod not only changes the dragons but there’s also a mod to change the horses to My Little Pony. Something about watching a deadly warrior gallop along atop their brightly colorful, soft-spoken pony brings a whole new light to your character.


Inappropriate Locations

Though rude, crude and sometimes all around offensive, the Inappropriate Locations mod brings a little immaturity to the table. Changing the names of many of Skyrims locations to something more chilidish and uncanny is enough to bring a smile to the most airy sense of humors. While not changing all of the names in Skyrim, you will notice a great deal of some of your favorite or most commonly used areas have had an identity overhaul.

Swearing Mudcrabs

More common among the lands of Skyrim, mudcrabs prove to be some of the easiest enemies across the game. With the Swearing Mudcrab mod that doesn’t mean they can’t be some of the most entertaining enemies to pummel with your fists. Throwing curse words left and right with every hit, these foul-mouthed crestaceans leave you hunting more and more while cackling at their utter demise.

Macho Dragons

One more dragon mod to add to the list full of laughs but this one is just as noteworthy. Turning those flying, fire-breathing lizards into every child’s favorite blue train is one thing, but when the dragon morphes into an iconic professional wrestler equipped with his notorious one liners, the Macho Dragon flies high above the rest when looking for more than a few laughs. Soaring above, high through the skies screaming Macho Man Randy Savage’s historic quotes adds an odd bit of depth to the fear of Skyrim’s reigning beasts.


Fart Shouts

Alright folks, let’s end this list on a classy note. Rearing up the tail end of the list is none other than the ever-so popular Skyrim mod, Fart Shouts. Doing exactly as you’d expect, instead of heaving powerful dragon language from your lips, you squat down and bend over letting loose a damaging force any serious dragon slayer is sure to cringe at. When traditional dragon shouts leave you bored, firing off a few cheek slappers at your sworn enemies leaves you feeling all too satisfied.

Whether your playing Skyrim your first time through or clocking well over a few hundred hours there’s plenty of mods to keep things interesting. Finding a few good laughs is a popular approach to the modding nation and there’s loads more to check out beyond this list. Let us know which mods you find absolutely hilarious!


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