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Persona 5 Soundtrack Getting Vinyl Release


With the long-awaited release of Atlus’ big-time high school emulating, dungeon crawling RPG, Persona 5 comes packed with catchy, beat-filled tunes. A cornerstone for the Persona series, a great musical score full of Japanese Enka with a mix of hip-hop/rhythm and blues covered with a blanket of rock and roll style, the game lives off the music to set the ever-shifting tones that take place along your long ride in the Persona world. Teaming up with iam8bit, Atlus has announced the release of their critically acclaimed RPG’s soundtrack on a classic vinyl record collection.

This coming holiday season we can expect to see two different (both rather pricey) editions of this addicting soundtrack. First the Essential Edition comes with 4 vinyl records with hand selected tracks from the Atlus Sound Team. If you’re looking for the popular songs found throughout the game, dropping a mere $100 is the cheaper option with this edition. The second option for all you die-hard music addicts comes with 6 vinyl records and the complete Persona 5 soundtrack on a very limited pressing of only 1,000 copies makes up the Deluxe Edition. For $175 this limited offer can be rest gracefully on your turn table.

Packaging these memorable songs will sure to be a beautifully created collaborated design by SEGA, ATLUS, iam8bit and a yet-to-be announced artist. The package art will later be revealed soon at before its release later this year.


You’re hard-earned money will not be going towards only a handful of vinyls with some fancy packaging but also a behind the scenes look at the making of such a project. Chalked full of photos, video clips and exclusive interviews, they’ll cover everything from the audio mixing/mastering process for retro technology, test pressings and the process of producing these vinyls by melting “wax” and stamping records, a must-see for any audio engineering aficionado or music geek.

A month after the release of Persona 5, anyone who’s played through the game knows just how enthralling the songs are. Keeping you pacing through the game, nodding to every beat, expect to see this soundtrack collection hitting customer’s hands as soon as it releases this holiday.


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