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My Top 5 Overwatch Skins

There’s no question that everyone loves to collect and show up custom cosmetics on players on any game. With Overwatch Blizzard keeps the game fresh by offering over 350 skins for players to use on their favorite heroes. Skins are cosmetics that modify the appearance of the player’s heroes, changing their outfit or color scheme.

Skins come in a different rarity, starting with common skins which are the default skin the game comes with, rare skins, which change the heroes color, Epic skins which change the outfit and have an advanced recolor scheme, and finally Legendary skins, which change the hero completely. Most skins can be unlocked by opening Loot Boxes but some are only obtained through various seasonal events to which you earn loot boxes during that event and have the chance to get the special skins.

As a huge Overwatch fan and player who has put in over 300 hours a game play, here are my top 5 Overwatch skins:

5.   D.Va – Legendary Year of the Rooster skin

Love the color scheme, and the fact that this awesome gamer girl is in regular clothes. She has a pink skirt and cute little flats on. In addition, her mech is covered with a unique Chinese design and colorful garment dangling from the top. Rooster Skin

4. Genji – Legendary Hereos of the Storm Oni Skin

This thing completely changes Genji and looks epic. He wears the scary looking Oni mask which is apart of the demonic Japanese folklore. He looks a little bulkier and cooler and color scheme is gorgeous. This skin was only obtainable in the Heroes of Storm in game event making it extremely rare.

Genji Oni Skin

3. Mercy – Halloween Terror Skin

First off, Mercy is gorgeous, second, she is an angel and the best healer in the whole game. Blizzard gives us this epic skin which makes it look like she has turned evil by giving her a witch hat, broomstick and evil color scheme.  This skin can only be obtained from the Halloween Terror event in 2016. Super rare, and super cool.

Mercy Halloween Skin

2. Reaper – Halloween Terror Skin

Super tough choice between this one and the Winston Winter skin, which is a big Yeti looking creature. I had to give it to big Reap because it resembles the Legend of Sleepy Hollow and the ominous Headless Horseman. It just really stands out in terms of skins on heroes. Equipped with candle guns with pumpkins and an epic Pumpkin head. Like the Mercy skin, this can only be obtained through the Halloween Terror 2016 event.

Reaper Halloween Skin

1. Sombra – Legendary Los Muertos Skin

Another tough choice for the number spot, however this chicka is my absolute favorite hero. I often refer to her as bae, and this legendary skin can easily be obtained by using 1000 coins or opening a regular loot box. I love the colors of purple and neon green and she glows in the dark. Her hair is different than normal and wears some pretty dope face paint. It has an awesome Mexican vibe to it and for that I gotta give it the nod.

Sombra Los Muertos Skin



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