8 Games We Hope to See on the SNES Mini

With the ultimate success of the Nintendo’s compact emulator, the NES mini selling out of store shelves as quickly as they were stocked, Nintendo recently pulled the plug on production. The retro flashbacks won’t end there for the trademark video game company with their announcement of the SNES mini this holiday season. There will only be a small group of games on the Snes Mini so here’s what I’d like to see.


Super Mario World

This one’s obvious and it’s obvious for a reason. Well for several reasons. First being it stars that suspender wearing hero Mario, who’s the face of the Nintendo franchise. Second is because it, like the trilogy that released before, is a timeless and addicting game. Diving back into the original platformer feels great in every way and Super Mario World delivers an updated feel with familiar characters. Be sure to expect this one on the SNES mini come launch day.



Chrono Trigger

With the amount of rpg’s (and good ones at that) featured on the Super NES, there’s bound to be several on board the mini emulator coming this holiday. Sure there’s your Final Fantasy’s and Zelda’s, which may or may not be mentioned later, but what about the other guys? It’s smooth transition to battles and deep story made Chrono Trigger stand out from the crowd in a whole new way. Tag on a heap of different endings and Chrono Trigger is sure to keep every completionist busy.


Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting

The game that officially put Street Fighter on the map. A classic in all aspects of the word, no SNES owner should be without this beloved anchor in fighting game history. From its powerful score and radiant presence to its instantly recognizable character voicing, Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting is a must have for any gaming enthusiast looking to revisit the past. This “pick up and play” brawler is great to enjoy as a beginner but serves to the dedicated by taking a lifetime to master.




Super Metroid

Few other protagonists kick as much tail as Samus. This exciting side view shooter is a namesake in the world of Nintendo, that of which takes you away from the happier, brighter lands of Mario and Zelda and puts you into the role of a bounty hunter on a faraway planet. With its innovative gameplay that allows you to fire in ALL directions, power-ups to enhance weapons and armor and plenty of awesome boss fights, this classic adventure brings some variety in the SNES library.




The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is the hack ‘n’ slash RPG every aspiring gamer gets their eager hands on. Dropping the side-scrolling game style from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, the third title in the series goes back to its roots to the traditional top view camera angle. Exploring the legendary land of Hyrule is as adventurous as ever, full of deadly monsters and memorable characters throughout. Saving Princess Zelda to stop the evil wizard Ganon with the trustworthy Master Sword is an adventure Nintendo can’t afford to leave out of the SNES mini.



Mega Man X

The Mega Man series sits comfortably in a soft spot in my heart. I remember it as one of the very first times I picked up a controller. On the Super NES Mega Man made his appearance in 16-bit graciously in this beautifully crafted adventure. Equipped with your arm cannon and unique weapon upgrades you’ll find yourself blasting your way through challenging levels and facing off against deadly bosses. Mega Man titles upped the ante when it comes to difficulty but leave players feeling a true sense of accomplishment and gratification at the end of yet another outstanding SNES title.



Final Fantasy VI (Final Fantasy III in North America)

The sixth instalment of one of the most popular game franchises on the market, this turn-based RPG is hands down one of the deepest games on the Super Nintendo. While known as Final Fantasy III when released in North America, the Final Fantasy series takes players on a long, emotional ride while putting the player’s grasp into the most amount of permanent playable characters in any Final Fantasy game to date at 14. A Final Fantasy game will make the cut for the Super NES emulator and there’s no reason it shouldn’t be this gem.



Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Zombie slashers have been a huge part of the gaming world for the past decade. There’s something special about ripping through hordes of brain-craving, undead walkers, something utterly satisfying. It’s no wonder the final game to round-up the list covers just that. Zombies Ate My Neighbors is an adventure/zombie slasher using everyday items and tools as weapons saving your otherwise hapless neighbours against the decaying mayhem. Including one of the world’s first zombie survival games would definitely help keep a variety of games on the SNES mini.



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    • Yes, but I wanted to throw a great game that was a little under the radar on there. Either one of your recommendations absolutely need to be featured on the mini but both would be another obvious choice on this list with enough obvious games. That, and ZAMN is a personal favorite.


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