Bethesda E3 2017 teaser image analysis

Bethesda has released a teaser image for their E3 show. It reveals quite a bit about what we should all expect to see including potentially 2 brand new games. Let’s face it, Bethesda only does E3 if they have something to show. This definitely seems to be the case this year so let’s take a closer look.


Bethesda has just released a teaser image of what they’ll be showing at E3 this year and we’re going to take a little in-depth look at this image, what it contains and what it all suggests. None of this has been confirmed however but all information in this article is based on teaser image which Bethesda has released.


The above image is the focus point for the article

What do these areas mean?

Each of these main areas depicts a certain Bethesda IP. If you can’t figure them all out here’s a quick list:

  • The Elder Scrolls
  • Doom
  • Quake
  • Dishonored
  • Prey

As you can see, there are two sections marked as being “Under Construction” which signifies there will most likely be two new games coming this year.

My theory is this: Each section will be featured at E3 in some way. Let’s go through my thoughts and predictions for each IP.

The Elder Scrolls

Most of this section seems to be referring to the upcoming Morrowind expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online. The Argonian may also be a reference to The Elder Scrolls: Legends card game which is still in development. Based on what I can see, it doesn’t look like there will be a new major title this year.


My best guess would be that Bethesda has been working on a new story expansion for the game. They’ve released several multiplayer DLCs over the course of the year but they haven’t mentioned other story expansions. It would be great to get a new expansion for a Year Two of Doom.


Clearly this section is for the upcoming Quake Champions game which has recently had several beta tests. We could be seeing a release date for the game later this year.


The game was released in November last year so it’s about time for a story expansion. We can probably expect to see at least one expansion coming for the game.


As the game will be released next month before E3, Bethesda will probably be showing a DLC for the game. Don’t expect anything amazing regarding the new Prey game.


The section for Fallout is pretty small so don’t feel bad if you didn’t notice it as first. It’s directly in from of the entrance gates to the park and features a vault boy statue. nuka cola and dogmeat. There’s a Ferris Wheel with a strange “B” on it which almost looks like glasses when turned on its side. Considering the fact we already know Fallout 4 VR is a thing, this section is probably a reference to that.

What are the two other areas?

Bethesda is keeping quiet about this so these two zones could be anything. While it’s possible they could be a new IP it seems unlikely as Bethesda does have other IPs they could be creating games for. The biggest and most obvious one is Wolfenstein.

At the start of E3 last year, Bethesda actually teased a new Wolfenstein game however it went largely unnoticed at the time. It seems likely then that the developer will have something to show about this name game which was titled “New Colussus” in the teaser.

The other big contenders are Rage and The Evil Within. It seems unlikely that it would be anything else however, it’s possible that there could be a new IP coming this year. Bethesda has previously stated they would not come back to E3 unless they had something major to show. So whatever Bethesda has now is most likely going to be amazing.


The Bethesda conference will be taking place on June 11th, the day before E3 officially begins.



After a reminder from someone on reddit, I agree with them that the second “Under Construction” area is most likely a new IP. Bethesda has owned a trademark for “Starfield” for around 3 years now which would mean this project is nearing completion. In addition to this, the second unknown area gives off a space theme vibe. Bethesda has previously stated that they would be showing some new IPs before The Elder Scrolls 6 so it would make sense if this was a new IP.

I know think that the second area could be a new IP. However, this hasn’t (and won’t be) confirmed or rejected until E3 takes place later this year.


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