10 Games you might have missed this month

April has been a pretty good month for gaming and a host of new games have been released. This includes a range of amazing titles such as Outlast 2 and Yooka-Laylee which have taken the limelight away from some quality indie titles which have been released this month. As you might have missed these games, we decided to create a handy list of games you’ll probably want to take a look at.


Use Your Words

Use Your Words is a party game designed for groups of 3-6 people. Players use their smartphone or tablet as the controller for the game and there’s also an option to have up to 1000 spectators making this a great Twitch game.

You can read our full review on the game here or find it on Steam here.


Under Leaves

Hidden Object games might be a little too slow paced for some gamers but those who love this will enjoy this game. The world is filled with beautiful graphics and finding the items isn’t too difficult which makes it a nice casual game.

You can find it on Steam here.


Immortal Redneck

This game merges classic arcade FPS with the rogue-lite genre with procedural dungeons and perma-death. There are 9 unique classes to select between in this frantic game. This fast-paced game looks and feels similar to Doom 2016 while also being different enough to clearly stand apart from others in the classic FPS genre.

The game is available on Steam here.


Agatha Knife

This interesting game follows a girl who is questioning the moral difficulties surround eating animals. This point & click adventure game is designed to challenge how players think and encourage players to think about a topic which may be a difficult one to approach.

Our review for this game is coming soon but you can find it on Steam here.


Late Shift

This game may look like a movie but that’s because the game is a FMV crime thriller filled with choices. The player must direct their character as they engage on a captivating adventure which has seven possible conclusions.

Late Shift is available on Steam here and can also be bought on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Dragon Quest Heroes II

It’s strange that a game from a Triple A publisher would go large unnoticed yet Dragon Quest Heroes 2 is being largely ignored. This game sends players out to kill monsters and also allows for up to 4 players in co-op multiplayer.

The game can be found here on Steam but is also available for PlayStation 4.



This indie game was released into Early Access this month. The atmospheric puzzle has some interesting puzzles to complete and there’s a unique twist which makes them challenging.

Our review of the Early Access game can be found here and anyone interested in purchasing this game can find it on Steam.


Cloud Pirates

This is the only free to play game on this list but Cloud Pirates is a very promising MMO action game where players battle in teams to defeat their opponents. The game encourages strategic team play and there’s a huge number of customizable ships currently in the game.

If this sounds like an interesting game you can find and play it on Steam here.



This atmospheric adventure game is much slower paced that most of the other games on this list but it’s still a quality game worth taking a look at. Players control an ex-minister who has travelled to Hell in search of his daughter and meets various interesting characters along the way.

You can find the game on Steam here.



Asura is a top-down hack ‘n’ slash game which is set in a fictional world inspired by Indian mythology. For fans of the rogue-like genre, this game is a must buy and the procedural nature of the game ensure that every play through the game is different.

You can find our review of Asura here and purchase the game on Steam here.


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