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Under Leaves Review

Under Leaves 4_18_2017 4_26_10 PM.png

Under Leaves is a beautifully illustrated hidden object game that takes the players through the world’s diverse animal kingdoms ranging from the cold lands of Greenland to the safari plains of Africa and the jungles of the Amazon. From the game’s website, there are six different locations and twenty-one different animals within the game. Your task is to simply help the animals collect its food, hidden well within the backdrop of its home. When you find the animal’s food, an adorable surprise happens.

Under Leaves 4_18_2017 7_38_33 PM.png

Under Leaves 4_18_2017 6_32_17 PM.png

With such a simple gameplay, it’s easy to relax and enjoy the sights, the sounds, and the music of the game. If you still find yourself stuck, in the upper right hand corner of the screen will be a question mark sign in which players can get hints.

Under Leaves 4_18_2017 4_14_00 PM

But acquiring hints will not be easy as you’ll be prompted to solve a puzzle. Within the game, players will see a pop bubble near the animals, indicating how many items players need to collect in order to move on to the next animal. The more animals you unlock, the more the game gets just a little bit harder but not too much. If you play the game via Steam, you’ll be able to unlock animal achievements. This is not your typical point-and-click hidden object game but one that’s unique and very artistic. Patience and a sharp eye are keys to playing this game.

With the incorporation of soothing soft music and the background noises of nature, this game gives the players a more relaxed gaming experience that’s totally unique. Feeling at peace while finding the animal’s food in a beautiful illustrated world is something to experience. I quite enjoyed playing this, though by the end of it, I wished it didn’t have to end. I highly recommend players check out this game. The release date is April 27th. Be sure to check out Circus Atos’s other materials as well.


  • Easy Gameplay
  • Beautiful graphics and artwork
  • Unique game in general


  • Too short
  • Unclimatic Ending

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