The fan art of Nosgoth

Nosgoth may be gone now but the community lives on! The fan-created works continue to evolve and grow despite the games unchanging situation. There’s fan-art, fan-fiction and much more to discover hidden away online. Today we take a look at a few of them and where you can find them.


This week, our Nosgoth article is focusing on the different Fan Projects created for the game. It won’t be looking at any current fan-created games where the legality is questionable. I don’t want to be responsible for causing any of these projects (if they even exist) to be shut down. So please don’t be disappointed if your fan creation isn’t included in this list.

While Nosgoth was cancelled almost a year ago now, the community has continued to thrive. It’s not surprising then that there are fans who are still working on their own fan arts, fan fiction and more.

Fan art

Plenty of fan art has been created in the past and there are fans who are still creating fan art for the game. The Tales of Nosgoth website has a great collection of Fan Art and other fan created content. There are also veterans of the game (such as myself) who have saved a wide variety of fan content which was posted on the Steam community pages by different fans. This includes images and gifs which display the amazing and sometimes hilarious nature of the game.

Nosgoth Audio Drama

In addition to drawn fan art, there’s an audio drama series which began back when Nosgoth was still online. There are several audio drama series which tells the perspective of different humans and vampires as they fight in the war for Nosgoth. For fans of the Legacy of Kain series, it’s great to get some more background on the war and it’s entertaining to listen to.

Forbidden Fruit Comic

This fan story is focused on the romance between a human and a vampire (Hunter and Deceiver/Zephonim). Just like Nosgoth, this comic is rated mature and should only be read by those who are at least 18 years old. For those of you who are old enough, you can find it on LG here.

Varulven also has her own Tumblr where she regularly uploads content related to Nosgoth such as a Deceiver/Zephonim playing a Cello. You can check out her work here.

Best Vampire Pals Comic

There’s also another comic currently in the works. This one is about a group of vampire friends and follows them on their adventures. It uses a light, fun and friendly atmosphere which makes it very different to most other Legacy of Kain comics currently in existence. If this sounds like your thing you can find it on Deviantart here.


Found more Nosgoth fan-works? Send them to us!


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