Zombie Teacher Preview – Don’t Die

The tutorial might have a few save points but the rest of the game doesn’t! Every level is a fresh new challenge filled with new challenges to overcome. So fans of difficult platformers will feel right at home with the Zombie Teacher. The demo is a great look at this brand new indie game.

Developer: Edgy Games
Publisher: Edgy Games
Release Date: TBA
Platforms: PC (Windows)
Platform Reviewed on: PC (Windows)


Zombie Teacher is a tough arcade platformer developed by one man. The aim of the game is simple, reach the end of the level and touch the arcade machine at the end in order to progress to the next level. It sounds simple but as expected, doing this is quite a bit more difficult than it sounds.

The game starts with a nice tutorial that teaches players the basics of the game. The fact that it periodically saves your position is great to see considering how awkward some of the hazards can be. Some of them can be frustratingly difficult but it’s possible to get past them all with a few tries. The tutorial sets the player up for the first real level in the game which is very different to the tutorial.

Each level in the game is uniquely designed and feel fresh. However, I did get stuck on one of the levels where I couldn’t find a path past an obstacle but that was most likely due to my own poor skills. The levels in the game come with unique challenges that keep the gameplay interesting and engaging without losing any of the games original charm.

Losing in the main levels will cause the player to restart from the beginning and which does become a little repetitive. Due to this, the player can memorize the pattern through the level and quickly race to the end without much trouble unless there are some tricky points to get past once again.

Zombie Teacher is a tricky but entertaining platformer where every level feels fresh and unique. The demo is currently available for download on here and the developer will be creating a Kickstarter for the project in May. We will provide you with updates as the game approaches a full release.


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