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10 Mods to Enhance Gameplay Experience in Fallout 4 (PS4)


Most games that release have a regular timeline before they get stagnant. Add a few dlc’s and more often than not they increase the duration before inevitable boredom kicks in. That’s where mods make an appearance. Improving gameplay by adding new weapons, game features, some new quests or perhaps even a few graphic changes, can take an otherwise stale game and make it feel fresh again. With the long-awaited mod addition to the PS4 we’ll take you back to the Commonwealth and give you 10 worthy mods to enhance your Fallout experience.

Legendary Modifications

Okay, so to get things going we’ll start off with a simple one. The Legendary Modifications pack gives you the ability to add one of many legendary mods to your weapons. Have a favorite rifle you use against super mutants but focuses on robot damage? Just attach a legendary Mutant Slayer mod that gives you 50% more damage against the muties and they won’t stand a chance. Tired of firing only one round out of your sniper rifle? Add the Two Shot mod for double burst every trigger pull. Even playing medic is an option when there’s a mod to turn your lethal bullets into healing bullets.


John Marston’s 44

With the announcement of Red Dead Redemption 2 late last year you can imagine the need to play all things western. The interest of one of this years highly anticipated games even branched out to our beloved post apocalyptic world of Fallout. With this special revolver branding John Marston’s name, you now have two similar approaches to the “dead eye” technique: first, being that of a sort of auto target, firing off single rounds, taking out all in your way. So long as you aim close enough to trigger the recon beacon and you’re not attempting to shoot through a wall, your bullet will make contact. Adding the new receiver mod also slows down time tremendously giving you the option to fire off numerous round before your first bullet lands.

Weather Redux

The night-time sky is dark. So dark you can’t see two steps ahead without a flashlight. The storms are violent. Cells that of which you’ve never seen in the green and yellow haze of the vaguely differing rad storms. In an already beautiful and colorful world this weather mod adds extraordinary hues and shadows along with treacherous weather. Red, blinding dust storms, heavy rain and plasma storms, beefs up the standard weather system with a bit of diversity when traversing the Commonwealth. And yes, it also turns your twilight-esque nights into pitch black horror, adding a sense of extra fear to the game.

My Nuka Jetpack

Turning in your custom jet thruster power armor for this lightweight jetpack is a fantastic way to fly over the Commonwealth with an entirely new view. Outnumbered by raiders but can’t fast travel away? Just launch yourself way into the sky for a stylish escape. Flying over the vast wasteland with what seems to be an unlimited amount of fuel, this mod gives you the option to soar above your problems while taking in new, beautiful views not previously attainable.


Abandoned Labyrinth

For those not riddled with claustrophobia, the Abandoned Labyrinth is a mod that adds a long, and I mean a long, series of tunnels set in maze like fashion. Aimlessly shooting through tunnels, not sure of what you’ll stumble upon around every bend (be it loot or deathclaw) this mod is sure to add a little more excitement to your wasteland adventure. Littered with all kinds of creatures, radiation and plenty of resources to keep you alive and struggling well beyond the amount of time you thought you’d spend here. Be sure to save this on a separate file, because this one might take a while.

Simple Seasons

Anyone who still was not impressed with the amount of color variation in Fallout 4 compared to previous titles in the series, the SimpleSeasons mod gives you four different color schemes to add to your post apocalyptic adventure. Rich colors and blooming trees flourish. Green grass floods the lands during the warmer seasons while reds, oranges and yellows clutter the leafy trees during fall. The white frost coats the Boston area for a true nuclear winter experience. The Commonwealth never looked so impressive and lush before this mod.


Mage Fists & Magic

Gunning your way through the wastes, chucking grenades into mobs of super mutants and watching their limbs splatter around your happily frolicking survivor, believe it or not, can get boring. For the true rpg seekers, the mages and wizards of todays gaming community, the mod-world has just the cure with this magical addition to Fallout 4. While equipping one of the element infused power fists, blocking now releases a nova blast of whichever element you’ve chosen. Projectile magic is accomplished simply by replacing your grenades with a magic orb of your choice and fire away, quite literally.

All You Can Carry

Something all scavengers know the importance of is having enough room to carry all the random, but unexplainable but important junk you find in the Commonwealth. Deciding between getting rid of one of eight combat shotguns you have in your inventory or that roll of duct tape is no longer a hair pulling compromise. With the All You Can Carry mod nothing is safe from your greedy paws with unlimited carry weight. No typewriter, coffee cup or plunger will be left behind my friends.

No Settlement Attacks

Bringing settlements to Fallout 4 was truly a great addition to the franchise. Building your shops and clinics, recruiting the strays from the wastes who hope to contribute to a promising community. Even showing up every now and then to help wage war with my fellow comrades against opposing forces proved entertaining, for a while. But it doesn’t take long before that annoying little message pops up right in the middle of raiding a vault, nowhere near your settlement and you have no way of helping to protect everything they’ve worked for. Kiss those petty little problems away with this No Settlement Attacks mod and be free to explore to your leisure, with no cloud of guilt hanging over you after subtly ignoring your settlers’ cries for help.


Advanced Perks

If you’re one of the millions of gamers who hibernates from real life and puts serious hours into Fallout 4 then it should be no surprise that after a certain skill level, the perks seem to dry up. With the Advanced Perks mod over half of the perks now have one additional rank, some requiring up to level 60. These final perk ranks are not to be overlooked, they are some serious game changers and can make things very interesting in the Commonwealth.

Remember folks, these are only 10 out of hundreds of mods found throughout Fallout 4 on PS4. Search to your heart’s content and let us in on what mods you’re currently enjoying.


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