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Rides with Strangers (Concept Demo): Review




Imagine getting stuck in the middle of nowhere; No buildings, no phones, nothing. Just miles of road and trees.


Then a kind stranger pulls over and gives you a helping hand by offering to take you to your destination. The person in the car next to you may not be who he says he is.


Through the façade of the sacred cloth, lies something dark that only you will slowly but surely start to uncover. Rides with Strangers takes the fear and dangers of hitchhiking to a whole new level.

Rides with strangers is a detail oriented, terror-fueled horror game that thrusts the players into a dark landscape as the character Ellora, a young woman, trapped in the middle of nowhere with no possible way to call for help. Being stranded forces her to hitchhike, but this isn’t a tale with a happy ending at least from the demo. This only confirms just how dangerous it is to hitchhike.


Ellora’s first driver is a priest. The task is simple: Survive the ride with the stranger.



The controls in this game is difficult to maneuver but becomes easier once you get the hang of it. The basics is that you play as the hitchhiking Ellora, who has to stand under the lights of the lamppost in order for the driver to clearly see her. Here is where it becomes a trial and error moment. You are supposed to zoom onto the oncoming car and press the space bar in order to get the driver’s attention. Timing is everything as is the placement of the eye icon. If you do this successfully, then the actual gameplay begins. The man comes to a stop next you, at this point this is where you choose whether to ride with him or not. Since this is a demo, it is advisable to take the ride since he is the only antagonist in the game so far.

There seems to be a bug with the windows because I couldn’t seem to roll them down. Then when I started the game again it worked fine. This happens off and on. Another factor to keep in mind in terms of bugs within the game is the speeding sign. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t. Other than that, it doesn’t look like there are any other bugs in the game.


Players will also like the features within the game especially the two meters on the upper left corner which tells him or her how far they have left of the ride as well as how often the player keeps watching the driver. Again, timing is everything. Don’t look at the stranger too long or else the Eye meter which also called the sketch meter fills up, preventing the player from further examining the stranger. Also, there are two modes: Suicide and Regular Gameplay. Another feature within the game is the speeding signs. These help you get to your destination faster but it also distracts the driver.



Players will really enjoy the character development in the game. There isn’t much as this is a concept demo but it is enough to really appreciate it. With Ellora, the only thing the players do learn about her so far is that she’s a young woman traveling across the state for a “…very important interview in the morning…” and she is forced to hitchhike her way over to her destination. The best aspect of the character is the choices players will be able to make as Ellora once they hitch a ride with the priest. Everything depends on the actions, responses and questions he or she makes. Choose wisely as this produces many different responses from the priest, good and/or bad.

The priest, so far, is a developed character. Hopefully, the players will manage to stay in the car long enough to get a full picture into the priest’s life. What I will say, without spoiling the demo, is that he does have an itch that he can’t scratch. After reading the game’s description, there seems to be more driver characters in development. I am interested into where this will go and what kind of characters they will come up.



As of February 1st of this year, they’ve announced more strangers that will be presented in the game.

Unfortunately, at the moment, there is only one driver and no other interactions in the world but hitchhiking. Players will come across a fire pit but there is nothing else to it unfortunately. But keep in mind that this is a concept demo which means that they are still developing the game. I am curious as to what other obstacles will lie between Ellora and her final destination. Finally, I am curious to see the ending of the entire game. Does she make it safely to her interview or become a murder victim? Please support the game if you can. Also, please be on the lookout for this as it has so much potential to be a spectacular ride into hell.


  • Good Story idea
  •  Awesome characters
  • Nice facial details
  • Scary atmosphere and jump scare


    • Minor Bugs
    • Too short

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