In the Wake of Nosgoth

It’s almost been one year since Nosgoth was cancelled. Sad times. The community is coping in different ways as everyone moves on with their lives. However, the sense of community is still strong despite the game now being dead and gone.

Last week we looked at the Fall of Nosgoth and what the reasons for the cancellation of the game were. The conclusion was that the ‘real’ reason was hidden from the public and a different ‘reason’ was provided to the community. It’s been almost one year since the game was cancelled and here’s how the community has been coping with the loss.


Other games

A few months after the servers went down, I had an interesting conversation with a friend I met through the game. They told me that they had to pick up five different games to replace their usual playtime with Nosgoth. That’s a large number of games to need to take on to replace just one game. Personally, I haven’t been able to find any games that replace my playtime in Nosgoth. Instead, I’ve taken to working most of the time and occasionally playing a handful of games being For Honor, Rainbow Six Siege and Dead by Daylight. None of these games could ever replace my playtime in Nosgoth however.

This is something that seems to be true for the vast majority of Nosgoth veterans. There’s no single game that can replace it. Instead, players have picked up a variety of games to help them move on and cope with the loss. Games such as Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege and Dead by Daylight seem to be the most common games within the community now but veterans often switch between different games even though they may have a new ‘main’ game.

Nosgoth was a unique game that blended hack-and-slash with a third person shooter. There is no other game quite like this one and as a result, the community has been left stranded without any game to move to. Despite this, however, there seem to be a few games that the community has gravitated towards over the past year.


Nosgoth Inspired Projects

When the news of Nosgoths cancellation was first announced, dedicated players of the game ripped Nosgoth into pieces to save as much of the game as possible. Players ripped audio files and 3D character models from the game to save as many assets as possible. As a result, a large amount of the game is being safely looked after by dedicated fans of the game.

Is the community working on re-building the game?

That’s difficult to say. Re-building the game would most likely result in a cease and desist letter from Square Enix so anyone working on a project such as this is keeping it very quiet. However, there was some talk last year about creating a new game inspired by Nosgoth. This new game would feature similar gameplay with new characters in a brand new world. This would be the perfect game for the community to move to. Of course, creating a new game takes time and the developers behind this will most likely be working on the new game for quite a few years before the game is ready for release.

While there’s talk of a new game similar to Nosgoth, other fans are hard at work creating other projects. There are a number of fan projects currently in development such as the Tales of Nosgoth card game and the rated R Forbidden Fruits comic.

In short, the Nosgoth community is still dedicated to the game. The creative members of the community are still working on projects inspired by the game. More projects will most likely be revealed as time goes on.

Taken from the Tales of Nosgoth Facebook group

Nosgoth updates

While most veterans have uninstalled the game by now, there’s a group of dedicated players who still haven’t installed the game. These players have noticed that the game still receives updates every so often. According to the old community manager, these updates are for various Steam components that were used in the development of the game.

However, there are some fans who insist that these ‘updates’ are a little bit too large. The most recent patch was on March 25th and was a hefty 3.8 GB which seems a little bit too large for what the update was supposedly for (an automatic Steam update). The updates actually mean nothing but desperate veterans are keeping an eye on them.



Since Fall of Nosgoth, the community for the game has remained strong and in touch. The community is so strong in fact that a Nosgoth Convention is currently being planned for August. The event will have players from all over Europe meeting up for several days of drinking, discussing the game and getting to know each other in real life. For a dead game, the community is surprisingly strong and very active.

The Nosgoth community has groups on Discord and Facebook in addition to website forums. All of these locations are still active and veterans of all skill levels still talk with each other online.

While the game may be gone now, the community for Nosgoth is alive and well. The feelings of loss that come from talking about the game is still around for many of the veterans despite the cancellation almost one year ago. The Nosgoth community pretty much looks like this these days:



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  1. Oh how I miss this game! Every minute spent on that game and all the friends I made there will always be in my heart! Had so much fun! Enjoyed so much to read this well written article!
    Gosh how I miss our little matches together with the whole community! Remember those last private matches Tea? I still got them screenshots x). Leftyy ❤


    • Nosgoth was a truely special game and nothing will ever be able to replace it. I have that game recorded on my PC and the surprise immolation still makes me laugh X)


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