Attack on Kitten Preview – Everybody wants to be a cat

A game about cats? Purr-fect! Okay, that was terrible but this demo is actually really promising. Plus there are magical cats to guide your path, they can even become your weapons and armour. Wield your cats with skill and triumph over the forces of darkness to save the world. Pretty standard stuff then.

Developer: Wisp Entertainment
Publisher: Wisp Entertainment
Release Date: TBA
Platforms: PC (Windows)
Platform Reviewed on: PC (Windows)

NOTE: This game has been renamed to “The Legend of Excalipurr” since this preview was posted.



Attack on Kitten is a retro action-adventure game where players control a Cat Knight who is on a quest to save the Cat Kingdom from an evil goldfish called Xerxes. It’s a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously and comes across as being very light-hearted. It suits the gameplay purr-fectly and results in a hilarious demo.

Players take the role of a Cat Knight who is guided by magical cats who can turn into weapons and equipment for the player to use. When the cats aren’t in use, they follow the player as they wait for the call to transform into a piece of equipment which is used to traverse the environment and kill the evil fish.

The game teaches players the mechanic as the game progresses. It works at a nice steady pace to teach players how to play the game without holding the player’s hand throughout the game.

Outside of combat, platforming takes a major role in the gameplay and players can expect to be dashing across gaps fairly often. The demo has the player traverse the environment using the cats in a way that is both innovative and hilarious. It’s difficult to take the game seriously but the game does have a semi-serious plot for players to follow by progressing through the game. While the demo is only short, it provides players a clear view of what the full game will contain: crazy cat action and platforming.

Attack on Kitten currently has a Kickstarter for the project where the developers are looking to get $50,000 to help them develop the game. The demo for the retro action game can be downloaded for free through Steam on the official Steam Store page.

This game is like a queer woman’s dream. Badass women and cats. What’s not to love?



  • Cats
  • Hillarious semi-serious plot
  • Nice gameplay mechanics



  • Demo is too short and doesn’t contain much content

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