8 indie games we want for the Nintendo Switch

We love the Nintendo Switch. It’s amazing and brand new. So developers need to help fill the eStore with original and exclusive games. Okay so, that might not happen right now but there’s plenty of games currently available which would be perfect for a console like this one.


The Nintendo Switch is the new kid on the block and while Nintendo has a few quality games coming, the console could do with a few more games. There are a huge number of indie games available right now but not all of them would be great titles for the new console. Here are some of the indie games we’d love to see come to the Nintendo Switch.


Crypt of the Necrodancer

This rhythm-based dungeon-crawling game is an amazingly fun title on PC. It’s all about timing and careful planning to defeat the monsters in the dungeon and progress to the next level. It may not seem like it but there’s actually a large amount of replay value and a lot of content for players to explore. It results in a game that’s highly playable, engaging and entertaining.

The controls in Crypt of the Necrodancer as simple enough to make a port with a good control system on the Nintendo Switch. This would be a quality title for the Switch and would also be great console port.



Speedrunners is all about racing to the front of the pack, staying in the lead and avoiding certain death. Players who fall behind are eliminated when the screen catches up to them and as a result, a game like this is deal for the Nintendo Switch screen. Adjusting the controls to work with the Joy-Con controllers also should be too awkward which should result in a great racing game for the Switch.

Porting this game to the Nintendo Switch should be possible without there being too many complications. This would be a great game for local PvP and online PvP.



This PvP game is all about racing to the opposite side of the screen so you can become the sacrifice to a huge monster worm creature. It’s a simple idea and porting it to the Switch shouldn’t be too difficult.

This game is probably the most likely game on this list as Nidhogg 2 is coming out later this year. The next game will also be released for consoles so a Nintendo Switch port could still be in the works for this series.



The Nintendo Switch needs a good driving game and there are few indie driving games better than Distance. This survival racing game is filled with intense action in an atmospheric world where players can jump, rotate and fly through the sky above the tracks. It has a lot to offer players and Distance fans should all agree with the idea of a Switch port.

Distance has been released for consoles in the past so a Switch port is still plausible.


Clone Drone in the Danger Zone

I reviewed this game for A 90’s Kid at the end of last month and I have to say, it’s a really promising game. This game is filled with action and humour which really makes it stand out from the crowd. As a result, this indie game would be a quality port to the Nintendo Switch once the game has been completed.

This indie game is still in Early Access right now so the developers are still working on the game but hopefully, they’ll consider porting the game in the future.


Feral Fury

We’ve reviewed this game in the past and you can check out what we think of the game here. Feral Fury is an action-packed indie game where players control a panda in a twin-stick style shooter experience. It has several different difficulty levels which are rewarding to play through while also offering a nice challenge.

While a port for this game seems unlikely, it would be a nice addition to the list of games currently available for the Nintendo Switch.



Let’s face it, the Switch could do with some good horror games and Oxenfree could be an amazing port. The gameplay is quite simple without complex controls which would allow for a smooth gaming experience even on the Nintendo Switch. This is a quality horror game with gameplay that would suit the Joy-Con controls on the Switch.

While there are a variety of other horror games that could make good Switch ports, Oxenfree is one of the best and most likely games to get a port.



While Sorcery! might not be everyone’s first choice for a Nintendo Switch port, the gameplay of this series would fit the console perfectly. It’s also been ported to mobile devices and works nicely on those platforms.

There are other games similar to this series which could make great Switch ports also though. The Fighting Fantasy games and 80 Days to name a few. For fans of this genre, the Switch is a great platform and ports for the console could be very possible.


What games do you want to see on the Nintendo Switch? Let us know!


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