Use Your Words Review – Party peeps get your phones out

A new party game! Perfect for when your group is bored with the Jackbox Party Pack or if you all just want to try something different for a change! Use Your Words is simple, uses a mobile device and has plenty of comedy. Pass out the room code and jump into the channel, it’s time for mini-games.


Developer: Smiling Buddha Games
Publisher: Screenwave Media
Release Date: April 4th, 2017
Platforms: PC (Windows and Mac OS) however, the game is played on mobile devices (any modern device)
Platform Reviewed on: PC (Windows) but (Android) mobile device for controls


Use Your Words is a word based party game in a style similar to the Jackbox games. The game is designed for 3-6 players and each player needs to use their smartphone or a tablet as the controller. Games like this are perfect party games as they allow a large number of players without demanding that players use an actual gamepad to play the game.

Setting up the game is fairly simple. When starting the game, players are given a website that they need to go to and also a room code to access the game. Once all players are in, the game can begin. If a new player arrives they’re able to join the game at any time, however, they’ll start from 0 points so it might be difficult to catch up later in the game.

The game is focused around four unique mini-games which each have a different goal. While there are not many mini-games, they’re varied enough to keep the game entertaining for quite some time which makes this a solid addition to the party game genre. The limited mini-games allow players to get used to the mechanics of each one and offers players some familiarity, however, the modes never become tedious or too repetitive.

The humour in Use Your Words is in a similar style to the Jackbox games so if you enjoy those games you’ll love this one. It’s a very “hit or miss” style of humour but when playing with a group of close friends, it does become much more entertaining. While the party game is designed for adults, there’s also a “Family Mode” which filters out any ‘adult’ orientated content which makes this game perfect for family nights.

In addition to the six players, it’s possible to set up games with up to 1000 spectators who can interact with the game by voting for their favourite answers. This is good news for streamers who are looking for games to play with their audience.

Use Your Words is a local game and is best played in the same room but it’s also possible to play the game via video conference or livestream. Stream delays, however, do subtract from the experience of the game.

This is a great addition to the party game genre and is the perfect alternative to local multiplayer games such as Jackbox.



  • Nice humour
  • Good mode variation
  • The Family Mode is a nice addition
  • Great for livestreamers


  • Gets a little repetitive after a few hours of play

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