3 Pokemon Go apps for serious players

Do you still play Pokemon Go? Sure most of the hype is dead now but it’s still a nice game to play when out and about. So why not enhance the experience as much as possible? Here are some useful apps that will improve your gameplay and help you get much more enjoyment from it.

Pokemon Go has been out for almost a full year now and app developers have released a large number of applications related to the game. There’s only a handful of apps that serious Pokemon Go players need to keep close to hand though. We’ve done the hard part so you only need to stop playing just to download these top Pokemon Go apps.


Poke Genie
IV Calculator

The IV is an indicator of a Pokemon’s potential skill level and using this is a necessity if you want to make sure you don’t waste those precious candies or stardust. This app allows you to check if your Pokemon are worth spending candy or stardust on so you don’t need to waste them on Pokemon that will never reach a good skill level.

Poke Genie allows you to check each of your Pokemon before you start trying to level them. It’s a handy app for all Pokemon Go players but especially for those who are taking the game seriously.

Apple Store
This app is only available for iOS devices but you can find a similar Android app here.


Go Chat
Communicate with other players

This app may have some problems but it does allow Pokemon Go players to communicate and leave messages for other players. It’s a nice way to communicate with strangers who also enjoy playing Pokemon Go. While this is great for casual players who are looking to make a few new friends, serious players will be able to share the locations of Pokemon and find those hidden nests for rare Pokemon.

There’s still quite a bit of work that needs to be done for this app to remove the bugs and issues in it but it’s a solid start. Go Chat will be a great way for players to communicate in the new world of Pokemon.

Play store
Apple Store


Super Effective
Know what Pokemon to take into battle

This one isn’t an app so it shouldn’t really be on this list but it’s usefulness has pushed it to the top of the list. This website lets players check and confirm which Pokemon they need to take into battle against the defending Pokemon at a Gym. It’s a handy way to quickly check what type of Pokemon is needed to defeat that 2500 CP Vaporeon who has been defending the gym for almost a month now.

It doesn’t go into detail about which Pokemon is best to take into battle though. It’s focused on the type as opposed to individual Pokemon. What’s handy about this, however, is that it saves the last answer so you can quickly check the list of what types those Pokemon are vulnerable to so you can build the perfect team to take into battle.

You can find the website here.


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