Psycho Bob Preview – An insane run-and-gun platformer

Insane? Check. Run-and-gun? Great! Lobotomized lab monkey? Got that too. Psycho Bob is one hell of a wild ride and it’s far too entertaining to just skip. If you’re still not sold on this game, there’s a ridable princess to rescue and then enslave.


Developer: PsychoBobGame
Publisher: PsychoBobGame
Release Date: TBA
Platforms: PC (Windows)
Platform Reviewed on: PC (Windows)


There’s only one way to describe Psycho Bob. It’s absolutely insane. Players take control of a lobotomized lab monkey who has a passion for guns, explosions, platforming and a ridable princess. The player must fight their way through the levels to reach the princess, free her from the cage and take her to the level exit. Naturally, the princess is well defended by waves of horrible mutants and clones who wield a range of weapons such as knives and explosives.

It combines classic games such as Contra with the aerobatic platforming mechanics of the Max Payne games. All while featuring gore and blood on a scale similar to classic Doom. Psycho Bob is a game that feels both familiar and fresh to play with entertaining mechanics that provide a large amount of depth to the game. The mechanics allow players to explore levels as much as they like and lets players complete them in their own way. It adds a nice level of freedom to the linear levels that form the game.














While this is only the demo, it’s already a very promising game with a hilarious mission and amusing enemies. There is no real story to the game just yet but the insane gameplay helps make up for this and keeps the game entertaining for quite some time. There is a big downside to the game however, the levels are very linear and replaying the same level will result in the same enemy spawns which does get repetitive quite quickly. The demo features enough levels to keep the game entertaining but there’s only so long this can work.

Psycho Bob features a unique art style which makes the game quite memorable compared to other games in this genre. Combined with the hilarious princess riding and gruesome slaughter of enemies, Psycho Bob is a platformer game which stands out from the crowd in a very positive way.

The game is currently in Steam Greenlight and the free demo I played for this review can also be found on Game Jolt. Psycho Bob is currently in Early Access and active development so the game is not yet complete. You can also find the official Twitter account here for updates on the game. Hopefully, we’ll be able to provide updates about the run-and-gun platformer later this year.



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