3 mods to extend the Dark Brotherhood questline in Skyrim

There are many fans of the Dark Brotherhood. We fight for Sithis and the Night Mother. We dutifully replay the storyline and carry out the mindless missions at the end in the name of Sithis and the faction. It’s time to give it an update and enhancement so that Skyrim never forgets us.

The Dark Brotherhood is my favourite faction in Skyrim. I’ve restarted the game countless times just to replay the storyline and every time I’ve been left wishing there was more to do after completing it. Well, I went mod hunting and after testing a few mods I’ve come up with this list of mods that will enhance the Dark Brotherhood questline and make it more immersive.


Dark Brotherhood for Good Guys

This mod doesn’t really extend the Dark Brotherhood questline but it does add a new level of immersion. It provides some background on each of the targets in the game and provides reasons to why someone wants each of those characters dead. It hides clues all over the place which adds a new dimension to the questline and it’s great for people who felt bad about killing ‘innocent’ people. With this mod installed, the dark reasons for the hit on those characters is revealed making them even easier to kill.

These clues come in the forms of notes, letters and journals which are hidden around the game and provide hints towards the main story. It’s a lore friendly addition to the game which helps to add more context to the assassinations. It’s a nice addition to the game which doesn’t change too much.

You can find it on Nexus Mods here.


Dark Brotherhood Reborn

Let’s face it, the second Dark Brotherhood sanctuary in the game is pretty underwhelming. There are not enough beds, few crafting stations and it looks very… well, it looks like a rubbish little hovel which isn’t meant to be lived in.

Luckily, there’s a mod that fixes this. Dark Brotherhood Reborn makes the Dawnstar sanctuary look more like a living space by adding enough beds, more crafting areas, decorations and even a working shrine to Sithis. All of these things are desperately needed in the sanctuary and this mod helps to enhance the area so it fits the Dark Brotherhood much better without ruining the lore.

The mod can be installed before and after completing the questline so you can play the game and install it when you’re ready. Dark Brotherhood Reborn can be found on Nexus Mods here.


Save the Dark Brotherhood

All of us DB fans wanted to do this at some point. We all wished we were fast enough to reach the sanctuary in time to save our assassin family but sadly, that can never happen. Unless you install this mod.

With this mod, you arrive back just in time where the assassins are fighting for their lives against the soldiers and the player finally has a chance to save them all. After saving them, the player needs to escort them through the burning sanctuary and all surviving members will be relocated to the Dawnstar sanctuary.

This mod only works on games that haven’t completed the “Death Incarnate” mission yet so you may need to restart the questline one more time. Just like the other mods on this list, it can be found on Nexus Mods here.


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