Top 5 upcoming Animal Simulation games

Let’s face it, there are not many games coming out that are focused on simulating animals. For those of us who love them, it’s actually really annoying. We end up with the same few games and most of them actually aren’t very good. 2017 is a promising year.



Unlike other games on this list, Saurian allows you to take control of different dinosaurs and explore prehistoric Earth in a vicious fight for survival. The game only offers four playable types of dinosaurs at launch but the game will feature six different animals in total.

Players will be able to explore life at different points in the food chain and will be fighting to survive, hunt prey and start a family. It’s one of the most promising animal simulation games around and the developers are promising prospective players a lot.



This animal simulation game lets players explore life as a variety of different animal species. It ranges from rabbits to tigers and elephants providing players with a glimpse at life in a larger ecosystem. We’ve actually already covered this game in a preview that you can find here.

At the moment, it’s pretty lame. The idea, however, is promising and if the developer keeps working then we could be looking at a nice simulation game.


Empires of the Undergrowth

This game is a step away from the traditional simulation genre which is the main focus of this list. Instead of being an animal simulation game, it’s more of a real-time strategy game where the player controls an ant colony and needs to destroy the other ant colony on the map. It also features a variety of ant species found in the real world and takes place in a realistic setting.

For fans of insects, this game will be a must play despite it not being a true simulation game. There’s also a playable demo available on the official website.



This entry is a little bit like the previous one in the regard that it’s not a true simulation game. The game is more of a strategy-survival game where the player controls a colony of animals and needs to ensure their survival by managing their resources, evolving them and dealing with predators. Niche is currently in Early Access on Steam and it’s possible to buy the game in its current state but it should be fully released by later this year.

This game merges strategy with the survival and simulation genres to give players a taste of what it’s like to rule a colony of animals.



This nature simulation game allows players to be a variety of animal species in a range of environments. In addition to this, players can experience life as plants and even planets from around the universe. According to the description on Steam it allows the player to “produce a never-ending documentary about the world you live in”.

It seems to be a very promising game which will be released later this month on Steam. The game is currently available for the PlayStation 4.


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