DMC: Devil May Cry Review – Rip and Tear! Wait wrong series… HACK AND SLASH

Hack and Slashing its way into an alternate reality is Devil May Cry. This game marks the start of a new universe for the franchise and our favourite Nephilim. With Ebony and Ivory by his side, Dante is ripping through demons with long combos. Limbo City, meet Dante.


Developer: Ninja Theory
Publisher: Capcom
Release Date: January 15, 2013
Platforms: PC, (Windows), PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Platform Reviewed on: PC


If you’ve played any other Devil May Cry games then you’re going to be quite familiar this one. However, there’s one key difference. DMC: Devil May Cry is set in an alternate reality to the rest of the series. It shows you how things led to the clash of the Nephilim twins in an adventure that can make you fall in love with the series even if you weren’t a big fan of it before.

The game starts with an order to kill Dante before the player is thrust into the first level where the game shows you the controls and a few combos. The truth is that I can’t say more without adding a spoiler alert and that’s why the only thing I can say is that Dante has no memory of his childhood and his family and while you progress to the first couple of levels of the game you help him recover his past. Like in the rest of the DMC games you progress through the story which reveals more and more after each level you pass and to be honest the story of this game is quite addicting. One moment that really got me was when I saw Dante hugging Vergil. Yes you read it right, Dante was hugging Vergil and they were actually a happy family, fighting together to save the world.



As always in the end you have this epic boss to fight but this time things take a small turn. Let me just say that you’re not really done when you think you are. You have 20 levels to go through which you can repeat in any difficulty you want and after you finish the game in a difficulty the game will award you with a costume for Dante.



As you can see you have the 3 main difficulty levels just like in every other game in the series.Players can select from: Human for easy, Devil Hunter for normal and Nephilim for hard. On Son Of Sparda you play against stronger enemies with larger enemy waves encounters and on Dante Must Die you encounter the strongest enemies with the most insane enemy waves you can face. Don’t think that it’s over though, you can’t say you faced the twisted side of the game until you play the game on Heaven Or Hell or Hell And Hell. In Heaven or Hell both Dante and the enemies die with one hit BUT on Hell And Hell Dante dies with one hit while the enemies have their standard health. That my friends, is the ultimate challenge of the game.

As you progress through the game you will see that it’s like the rest of the DMC games. What I mean with that, you fight your way through hordes of enemies collecting style points depending on how big and brutal your combo was and you upgrade Dante with you combo moves for his weapons which help you combine more and more attacks to the ultimate combo. Also, each level has secret paths which lead to secret missions.

Each secret mission will award you with a cross fragment. Collect 4 of them and you’ll get a health upgrade for Dante. After defeating some of the big bosses of the game you will also get new weapons which you can combine to your combos with really fast switches through them just by pressing the angel or demon mode keys and rolling your mouse wheel. A really good thing is that the upgrades menu is really simple, it shows you the points you can spend, the list of your weapons and Dante and after you pick which one you want to upgrade or if you wish to upgrade Dante it shows you the list of the available moves.


Every move costs one point to upgrade so everything is well-balanced and you don’t need to save up until you have enough points for a single special move. If you don’t know what each move does that game has got you covered. On the right side of the screen, it has a video preview of each move so players get a chance to see it in action before unlocking the move.



The fighting mechanics and the response of the game to everything when you’re fighting is just stunning. The environments of the game and the graphics are absolutely amazing. When you’re fighting you are in Limbo which is the world of the demons and it’s separated from humans but you can see their shadows walking around. This detail makes the game so much better.I played all the game on ultra settings and it was constantly running at 60 fps without any lag. The game was really responsive to everything without any problems.

After finishing the game, it’s possible to replay the levels but Capcom also released a few DLC packs which had more costumes for Dante, skins for your weapons, Bloody Palace and (in my opinion this is a really good addition) a completely new story mode about what happens to Vergil after the events of the game. This new story mode has its own levels and upgrades and most importantly, you can finish it on the same difficulties like the original game. And guess what, you get new costumes for Vergil after you complete the game in any difficulties like you did with Dante.



Devil May Cry is a game I absolutely loved playing not only because of it’s really addicting story but because as a game it’s so well made that everything about it is stunning, the weapons, the costumes, the levels you are playing, the locations you’re fighting and the DLCs are just making everything so good. It’s a game I recommend for everyone to give it at least a try even if you’re not a big hack & slash fan. You won’t regret it.



  • Easy combat system with easy to remember combos
  • interesting and challenging levels and bosses
  • Well-balanced progressing storyline
  • The story connects to the events of the rest of the games



  • Bloody Palace is a DLC
  • Gets a little repetitive when replaying

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