Feral Fury Review – Happy birthday! Now kill everyone

In a world where humans no longer exist, animals have taken over. They rule the planet and have evolved. Of course, war follows. It’s Pandas versus Hellhounds in this twin-stick shooting rouge-lite game. Fight through levels and celebrate your birthday constantly. In this game, the cake is not a lie.


Developer: Skandivania Games
Publisher: Skandivania Games
Release Date: April 3rd, 2017
Platforms: PC (Windows, Mac OS and Linux), Xbox One and PlayStation 4
Platform Reviewed on: PC (Windows)


Feral Fury is a unique “Fast-paced twin shooter rogue-lite action” arcade game that takes place in the future where humanity has fallen from its own self-destruction and the world has been taken over by the animal kingdom, most specifically the pandas who are at war with another group of animals known as the hellhounds. Both groups are “…locked in an endless struggle for galactic domination.” In this game, the players encounter all different types of enemies ranging from killer bees to flying androids and foot soldiers. Players will find this storyline to be a nice new twist to the science fiction genre.

Coming from the game store and web page, there are fifteen stages broken down into five chapters. Depending on the difficulty level of the game, there are surprises waiting at the end of each completed level.

This aspect of the game can be very enjoyable and hilarious when played on easy mode because at the end of each level is a birthday party, complete with a cake and present filled with speciality items that will help the players get through the levels ahead. I quite enjoyed finding that section. There are more characters to unlock as well as weapons and items that will either hinder your progress or make it all the more satisfying.

True to the game’s claim of gore, blood splatters are prevalent throughout the game. This aspect of the game was unique in the easy mode as opposed to the normal mode. What makes the easy mode not only enjoyable but also interesting is the fact that once the enemies die butterflies emerge in their place. The attention to detail is amazing; from the bombs going off leaving dents and cracked walls and flooring to the pestering sounds of insects flying around the blood.

The gameplay is similar to that of the arcade games. Players will find that the controls when playing the game for the first time, are tough to handle. It was awkward to both shoot and navigate the character around boxes while dodging laser beams and bullets from the enemies. The objective also isn’t really clear.




Players will first start the game in a courtyard of sorts with a random number of open doors. Players will find that at that same location, there will be four doors and other times just two. Each room contains an enemy to which you, the player, will have to defect in order to move on to the next room. All doors automatically lock upon entering if there is an enemy.

Ultimately, players have to look for a red keycard in order to unlock the door to the next level. The goal is to make it out of the stage and on to the next one. The blue keycard only opens the store within the game where you can buy upgrades, weapons, health, and more. Remember, some rooms have special weapons random chosen for each level but you will have to find it. There is another room that has a stepping pad, which once the player steps on it, two needles appear, giving the player’s character a boost. It is also not clear about purchasing items from the store. From what I can tell, the game uses coins which you can collect via defeating enemies and destroying boxes and crates scattered throughout the stage and level.


There are three modes to choose from; easy, normal, and hard. This is where players will unlock characters within the game, but only if he or she completes the normal and hard modes. Easy mode has the most life bars with four to five red points. While normal only has three. Easy mode has more of the quirky perks and surprises within it than the other levels, as mentioned earlier.

The main menu music reminds me of a dark lullaby which I enjoyed listening to. The rest of the game’s music, which is fast-paced, sets the atmosphere and mood perfectly for the game.

Players must keep in mind that once he or she dies, regardless of the level they are on at the moment, will have to start again from the beginning. So far from playing the game myself, I haven’t seen a save point yet and the health packs always vary in the levels and modes. In addition to this, health packs can also be given to the player in quite a varied manner so there are no guarantees that a player will find any.

Feral Fury is now available for purchase on steam.



  • Interesting character and storyline
  • Quirky surprises
  • Good amount of levels
  • Variety of weapons and specialty items, especially unlimited ammo
  •  Attention to details
  • Visibility of a map


  • No save points
  • High difficulty level so it’s not for everyone
  • Lacks objectives

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