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2017 is the year of the Arena Shooter

Arena shooter games have fallen from the limelight over the past decade but this year seems to be marking their return to mainstream gaming. Three major arena shooter games have all been confirmed for release this year and FPS fans should be pleased to see the rebirth of these cult classics. In addition to Unreal Tournament and Quake, a new major contender is entering the FPS arena and LawBreakers is looking to be a very promising game.

While there are other classic style and arena FPS games, these are the three headliners which are making 2017 the year of the Arena Shooter.

Quake Champions

With the rebirth of the Doom series, it wasn’t too surprising when id Software announced a brand new Quake game the following year.

For those who don’t know, Quake played a center role in the birth of eSports and the evolution of the FPS genre. While this game may look like a ‘Halo Clone’ to younger gamers, this is the game that inspired Halo so techinally Halo is a Quake clone. Sorry kids.

This fast paced arena shooter is following the traditional rules of the past and will only be released for PC. A range of different playable characters have been cofirmed for the game and while not all of them have been revealed yet, they distinctly different to each other with unique abilities.

A Closed Beta is currently being planned for later this month and anyone interested in checking out what the new Quake has to offer should sign up on the official website here.

Unreal Tournament

Epic Games is back with a new addition to the Unreal Tournament series. As expected, it follows the classic gameplay and has been confirmed to have a range of gamemodes which are split between team-based and free-for-all modes.

The game is currently in Early Access with regular updates which make it currently worth playing despite the game being in beta. This is the first main addition to the series since 2007 and will be released for free on all PC platforms.

Fans of the early games should be pleased with how the new Unreal Tournament is progressing and the developers have been very open about the game so far. The developers have been in constant contact with fans on the forums and with regular Twitch livestreams.

Unreal Tournament can be downloaded and played through the Epic Games launcher. Unfortunately, there’s no way to play the game without downloading the launcher. Fans of arena shooters should find downloading the client is worthwhile though.


The classic FPS genre is getting a brand new addition this year. LawBreakers is placing a modern spin on the arena shooter genre with a handful of classes for players to select from. These classes each use a unique weapon and have special abilities that make them stand out.

LawBreakers is still in beta and the developers are hosting regular beta tests to improve the game. This is good news for fans of the genre as the developers are determined to do this game right and make sure it’s a solid addition to the arena FPS genre.

The developers are looking for a 2017 release date but haven’t announced a time just yet. Hopefully the developers will make some announcements later this year. Until then, it’s possible to sign up to future tests on the official website here.


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