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Survivalizm 0.0.2 Preview

Survivalizm is an animal simulator where the player is able to select from and control a range of different animals. The game includes both herbivores and carnivores allowing players to experience life at different stages on the food chain.

The player needs to manage their hunger and thirst bars by feeding regularly in order to survive for long periods of time. In addition to this, the player is able to mate and grow their family by reproducing with other animals in the game. Surviving isn’t quite so simple however as players also need to be aware of their status in the food chain and fight to survive in the forest by avoiding predators or hunting prey.

It’s a very promising game but it’s still in Early Access so the developer has quite a bit of work left before the game is complete. This is especially true when it comes to better optimizing the game and correcting the performance issues which plague Survivalizm. Currently, the game stutters and lags which makes moving frustrating from the moment the game is launched. After playing for a while, the game will begin to freeze and jump which makes it almost unplayable.

The tutorial in Survivalizm is a nice way to teach players the basic controls of the game and introduces players to the survival mechanics in the game. It doesn’t go into detail about other areas of the game such as mating, growing the family or how to hide from predators. It would be nice to see a more detailed tutorial with this information in it.

There are a large number of animals for players to unlock but the games doesn’t explain how to collect the points which are used to unlock animals. There’s certainly a nice variation of animals but the realism of the game is subtracted slightly as all of the animals live in the same forest. Certain animals feel slightly out of place in this environment such as the elephant which seems to be an African Elephant who typically live on the African Savannah.

Survivalizm is a promising game and with a little more work it could become a nice addition to the animal simulation genre. The game is currently due for release on April 4th which should give the developer plenty of time to iron out the current performance issues.



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