Survivalizm 0.0.2 Preview – When the idea is better than the execution

A survival game where you can play any animal? Sounds great! Sadly, it falls flat on its face and doesn’t simulate anything other than an early access game that needs an overhaul to make it into something worth your time.

Developer: IronBounManzer
Publisher: IronBounManzer
Release Date: TBA
Platforms: PC (Windows)
Platform Reviewed on: PC (Windows)


Survivalizm is an animal simulator where the player is able to select from and control a range of different animals. With both herbivores and carnivores to select from, players can experience life in all parts of a food chain. Sadly, it doesn’t really work out this well right now.

Players need to manage their hunger and thirst bars through regular eating and drinking. Pretty much standard for a survival game then. Unlike others, however, it’s possible to mate and have a family with other animals of your species. It adds a touch of realism to the game though you still need to be very wary of predators in this fight for survival.

There’s a lot wrong with this game. Let’s start off by saying that it’s a nice concept and could become a great game. If the developer is dedicated to improving it.

Survializm is riddled with performance issues. Stuttering, lag and freezes can make traversing the land very annoying. If you want a long play session then you’ll be very unhappy and will probably turn the game off as it does become almost unplayable due to constant freezing. Not to mention the many other bugs in the game such as being able to eat other animals despite being a herbivore. Sure, some herbivores do eat meat if it’s in front of them but elephants are not one of them. So eating small animals as an elephant is pretty bizarre and tends to ruin immersion. Assuming you can get immersed in this game despite all the stuttering, lag and freezes.

When you start the game, you might think it looks okay. The tutorial introduces the basic controls and mechanics in the game. It doesn’t tell you everything of course (pretty much the norm for survival games) so you’ll be left to flounder around as you try to not get eaten or attempt to find a mate.

With a huge number of animals in the game, there’s a lot to explore and test out. This would be great if it was combined with an explanation as to how to unlock animals in the game. Apparently, this is done by earning “karma” points by playing the game… good luck finding out how this works. Your playable animal also levels up over time by completing actions and just be surviving long enough.

Lots of animals sound great but they all apparently live in the same forest. It’s pretty unrealistic as a result despite the developer trying to push for realism in the gameplay. Some animals feel very out of place. There’s an African Elephant in the game along with an African lion, a wolf and a Bengal tiger. All of which are playable in the forest… despite some of them having very different natural habitats and the fact that they’d never all meet like this in nature.

Survivalizm is a promising game but it’s not worth anything right now. With a lot more work it could become a nice addition to the animal survival-simulation genre. If you like games in this genre… skip it for now but maybe keep an eye on it for the future.


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