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Overwatch Review

overwatch-heroes-background-blizzard-1080x623The highly acclaimed award winning multiplayer shooter that took the world by storm. Most of us are familiar with the story of how Overwatch was going to be a free to play game with limited progression but then Blizzard reverted it and kept going on its path to make the game a paid version which proved in the end to be the ultimate successful choice. Following its release it quickly made headlines as one of the prominent upcoming multiplayer games to be released in 2016. Even one year after the release, it’s still got a high consistent playerbase.

Overwatch provides what was essentially missing in the shooters of today and that is variety. With its cast of 20 and more heroes/characters there is enough diversity and difference to appease any shooter fans out there. The gameplay mechanics are more than simple but for the competitive environment it may take some time before getting used to even more time climbing through the ranks and achieving your goals.

Lets talk about the cosmetic system. Even though microtransactions in a paid game are despised solely because of the reason that players believe if they pay the full price they deserve to get the “full game”. In this scenario Blizzard did it right. Every micotransaction aspect of this game is not giving you the advantage over other players in any way as some would say. For example you have several tiers of skins common,legendary and so on. If you do not want to pay for the loot boxes and still get the cosmetic you can rightly do so. Blizzard made it easily accessible for you to earn the said loot boxes if you wish to do so.JdRcn4F

Secondly lets talk in detail about the mechanics and content aspects of the game. The learning curve as mentioned before is simplified because you have options between tank/support/offense/defense; depending which you pick there may be some characters that are harder to learn but it all comes down to practice and utilizing the said character maximizing its skills in helping the team. The competitive scene as mentioned before is a whole other spectrum of Overwatch as there is toxicity, teamwork, positivity and all kinds of behavior which is expected in a huge game community such as this. By my opinion the competitive restriction should be put up until you reach prestige that then you can enter the competitive playlist because when most people prestige they generally have a lot of more knowledge about the game and its “nooks and crannies” than the regular player which just achieved the required level cap for the competitive playlist.overwatch_11

All of the upcoming content will be free for all players. This is something to be praised as many other games charge players money for additional DLC. The number of maps which they launched with was quite impressive albeit if you play regularly it can get stale and repetitive but with the right friends and voice chat it never ceases to be fun. The rate at which Blizzard is adding content is consistent and enough to keep you coming back even if its just one hero or map every two months and so. The coloring of the maps and the design aspect is the delicate and fun; it is not just the same textures and colors rehashed over and over which makes it quite enjoyable playing on different maps.

There are several gamemodes which makes the game more relaxing and casual if you are not up to playing to your full focus. With the recent addition of the server browser blizzard extended its playability and possibly brought back more causal players to the game which do not focus on the competitive scene but purely play the game just for relaxing in their own free time with friends and such.

Furthermore lets talk about the leveling system here, it is one the best I have ever seen in videogames to date; it is a pretty straightforward system where you earn your “due” by how much you have performed in the match which is mostly shown by the medals that are awarded based on your performance which can be bronze, silver, medal and can vary in different classifications such as objective time, eliminations, damage, assists and a few other. Each level you progress you earn a lootbox which as said before will give you cosmetics of a random rarity. Currently the leveling system is infinite meaning you can level endlessly and earn as much lootboxes as you wish. Although you earn more experience in competitive due to the length of the matches and the intensity which drives you to perform even better and earn more experience you do not need to play competitive just to earn lootboxes faster because the length of the normal/quickplay matches compensates for the length of a competitive match.maxresdefault

The characters are designed in a very specific way each to their own pandering to defense, offense, support and tank capabilities providing you with the choice of which role you want to represent in your team. Each character is unique and makes you make of the situation as most as you can and in some cases even take advantages of certain maps and their spots if you are skilled enough to find them. The current “meta” which people refer to as team composition is mostly advised to be 2 healers, 2 offense, 2 tanks.

Teamwork is essential but most of the time in this game players are forced to play roles which are generally accepted by the community thus denying their true potential with other possible roles/heroes in the game .


  • Great leveling system
  • Nice range of gamemodes
  • Microtransactions done right
  • Good variety of unique characters


  • Gameplay gets a little repetitive

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