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For Honor is a revolutionary hack-and-slash game

For Honor was released last month in February and the hack-and-slash game is completely unique in this genre. It uses a combat style that would typically be found in a fighting game amd it results in a game that has built a bridge between the two genres.

The game uses a new combat system called the “Art of Battle”. It’s an innovative combat system that allows players to change their stance to block, attack and parry their opponent(s). This style of combat is typically seen in the fighting game genre however, unlike the fighting game genre that player can see what direction incoming attacks are coming from. This gives the player time to block or parry their oponent. It feels like the Art of War has been taken from a fighting game and transferred into a hack-and-slash game.

The entire system is focused around reading an opponents stance and reacting to their moves. In a way, the Art of War could even be compared to a rhythm game where players need to react in time to avoid taking damage.

In addition to this, players are able to “Guard Break” their opponent which stuns the enemy for a short period of time. Doing this allows the player to get an extra attack in or “throw” their enemy away by pushing them. This is almost identical to how fighting games work and feels very new to the hack-and-slash genre.

The biggest similarity comes from the “moves” however which feels exactly like a fighting game. The player needs to press a specific sequence of buttons to perform different moves. This is identical to how fighting games work.

While For Honor has build a bridge between the two genres there is one key difference. For Honor uses swords and other medieval weaponsry. As a result, the game is placed in the hack-and-slash genre despite it playing almost identically to traditional fighting games.

For Honor is very different to the other games in the hack-and-slash genre and it places more emphasis in areas that make it easilly comparitable to the fighting game genre. It results in a very unique experience that combines the two genres to create an amazing control system for a multiplayer orientated game.

As a result, For Honor is pushing the boundry between the two genres. Thanks to this game, other developers should also take note of the Art of War and begin providing similar experiences in the hack-and-slash genre.


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