Clares’ AR wishlist

Augmented Reality needs some heavy hitters if it’s going to survive. Especially for devices such as the Hololens from Microsoft. Why should gamers bother with a Hololens if the games are lacklustre or generic? We need games that suit this style and games like this would certainly fit the bill.

While I’m talking about AR in this article, I’m referring mostly to the Hololens and devices similar to it which are surely in development right now. AR is a ‘new’ platform for gaming which will provide gamers with a brand new gaming experience. So why not really go for it instead of just having things like Pokemon Go. Sure, almost all gamers have enjoyed Pokemon Go but it doesn’t really push AR or offer anything new.

I’ve pulled together a list of my top 10 most wanted AR games. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that the following games and series will get a debut as a AR game on the Hololens (or another platform) in the near future.

  1. Yu-Gi-Oh

The original cartoon for Yu-Gi-Oh had players fighting with holographic cards so it only makes sense for the game to come to AR. Imagine just putting on your headset and seeing your cards come to life on the playing field. It would be like a dream come true for all of us who grew up watching and playing the game.


  1. Warhammer

Tabletop games are great fun and being able to play it through AR would be amazing. There would be no need for real figures and you could play on pretty much any surface available. It could even attract more players to this style of game. AR would work with pretty much all tabletop games but Warhammer could look incredible with some assistance from AR.


  1. Board Games

Following the last entry, it would be great to see board games coming to life and would let players access a wide range of games without needing to own the physical version of the game. Monopoly, Battleships, Risk and more would be great games for AR. It would literally be Tabletop Simulator in the ‘real world’.


  1. Nintendogs

Anyone who owned a Nintendo DS probably remembers this game. It allowed players to own their a virtual dog for them to raise, train and care for. It only makes sense that AR would allow people to ‘own’ a dog, cat or another virtual animal. It probably would never be Nintendogs as it’s unlikely that Nintendo would go for this but something in this style could work nicely. Just imagine all those exotic animal and mythical creature expansion packs.


  1. Roller Coaster Tycoon

I love theme park simulation-strategy games and grew up playing the RCT series. Being able to create my own working park on a table is something I used to dream about as a little kid. It might not work out too well but I can dream at least! To be honest… any management or tycoon game could be interesting in AR.


  1. The Room

The Room is a quality puzzle game for mobile and PC. Bringing this game into the room would be great and add a new dimension to this puzzle game. Having a puzzle game similar to this on VR would be amazing and has a lot of potential.


  1. Escape the Room

Creating a game like this in AR could prove to be challenging but it could work very well. Imagine being ‘trapped’ in a room in your house and having to complete a series of tasks to unlock the door and escape the room. This type of game could be ideal for AR though it would be tricky to pull off.


  1. CSI

When I was younger I used to play some CSI games on PC where I have to find evidence to locate the killer. Bringing this style of game to AR could work fantastically where the player is take to the location and must hunt for virtual clues in the room or around their location. Again, this would be tricky to pull off but it could be done very well. In the same line of thought then… a game based on Criminal Minds where you select and interview suspects then profile them would also work well.


  1. Civilization

Just like with board games, bringing the Civilization game into the household would be a game-changer. Players could create a miniature game on their table or on floor then compete against other players or the AI. A 4X strategy game would work brilliantly in AR, assuming players had a good amount of room that is.


  1. Cities: Skylines

Let’s face it, the ability to create a virtual city on a table would be amazing. Just like with Hololens Minecraft, bringing Cities: Skylines to the AR platform could result in hours of entertainment while sat at a desk or a table.


Other potentially great games

  • Angry Birds (Might sound a bit weak but flinging birds around the room would be a laugh)
  • Plants vs Zombies (Like playing chess but with zombies and plants… so maybe not like chess actually)
  • Robot Wars (Hello, creating robots then fighting them in your living room? What’s not to love!)
  • Total War (Battlefields on the table? Yes please.)
  • Sorcery! (These game are almost built for playing on a real table)
  • Door Kickers (I love this strategy game and it would work nicely in AR)
  • Black and White (Never gonna happen but a God game would be perfect for AR)


What games do you want to see in AR? Let me know!


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